3 April 2017

Headmasters ReflectionsHeadmaster's Reflections

As we enter the last week of Summer Term, it is pertinent to reflect on the pace of life, as reflected in the pace at which this term has passed. The level of commitments, rapid access to information and the pace of digital and traditional communication means that we have to continue to search for opportunities to slow down our personal and professional engine rooms.

Just a couple of weeks ago an interesting article appeared in the Saturday edition of the Australian Financial Review entitled 'Remember when life was more fun?'

The thesis of the article addressed the fact that while our digital life may make us more efficient, it may have come at the cost of the human element.

Author Bill McKibben purports that 'No one much likes spending half the workday on email, but that's what work is for many of us. Our accelerating disappearance into the digital ether now defines us - we are mediated people, whose contact with one another and the world around us is now mostly by a screen. We threaten to rebel. But we don't; the current is too fierce to swim to shore'

As our term break looms close, let all of us look at ways to retain a balance between our multiple screens and our face to face interactions.

Let's look to put our family's human interactions as a priority. It is not a mutually exclusive solution, just one of balance and wellness. Like most things in life moderation is the key.

I will hopefully regain some balance and connectedness over the coming three days as I travel to Moray with some of our Year 5s to their camp.

Speaking of human connectedness I would like to sincerely thank the Scotch Parents ball committee for putting on a great evening on Saturday night.

As we bring this term to a close, I would like to thank all students, staff and families for their support and incredible commitment, thus ensuring we place community and human connectedness at the centre of all that we do at Scotch.

Have a great break.

Dr A J O'Connell


Head of Junior SchoolTeaching and Learning

Subject Selection - Be as informed as you can be

With our Year 10 community receiving information on the IB Diploma Programme and the WACE Programme at Scotch College in the past fortnight, it is timely that we consider ways to find out more information for all parents and boys.

Last year we released the digital course handbook which outlines all areas of subject selection for Years 8 through to 12. This website had over 20,000 visits.

This digital course handbook can be found here: https://my.scotch.wa.edu.au/courseinformation.

Together with individual course summaries, this webpage provides information on how to make your selections, the graduation requirements and where students and parents can obtain further advice. We are also adding content in the form of videos, having recorded boys discussing their experience within specific subjects so that our students can glean information from those who have previously studied the subjects.

I strongly encourage all boys, with their families, to take the time to absorb the information that is presented on these pages.

During the subject selection process and at any time during their son's experience at Scotch, parents are welcome and encouraged to contact us to clarify their understanding.

The next event for parents considering their son's pathways and subject selections in Year 10 will be Wednesday 26 April. Parents and students will have the opportunity to speak to our Curriculum Leaders regarding the specifics of each subject being offered in Year 11.

Mr Peter Allen
Director of Teaching and Learning


From the Director of WellbeingWellbeing

A Book and a Play and a Sense of Wonder

I like the word 'wonder'. I think we should all take more time to wonder about things - wonder why things are as they are; and wonder how we can make things better. We should also take time to wonder at the world around us - it is full of wonder and we can all learn to appreciate that more.

Last week at Middle School assembly, I spoke to the boys about a book called Wonder. I was amazed and delighted by how many of the boys had read this book. It is a book that is all about courage and kindness: the courage to face great difficulty, the courage to show kindness, and the uplifting power of that same kindness for all who witness it.

It is a book about a boy who is different - he looks different, and because of this, he gets treated differently by those around him. In one sense, the book holds a mirror up to the way we have a tendency to be drawn to people who think and act and look like us. There is a sense of safety in that. But at the same time, Wonder shows us how rich life can be if we have the courage to accept and celebrate difference.

In a sense, the book is about the balance I mentioned in the last Thistle - not the removal of difficulties and unpleasantness from our lives, but learning to cope with them, learning from them, and the growing out of them. I don't think we should seek never-ending happiness. We can come at happiness in sharing and giving. Even deeper than happiness are contentment and satisfaction. These are derived from a sense of meaning and a sense of belonging.

In the novel, Wonder, the principal quotes JM Barrie: "Shall we make a new rule of life…always to try to be a little kinder than is necessary?"

What a courageous choice that would be for a society to make. To move in that direction does not require much, just that each of us has the courage to show kindness more often.

Last week, I was fortunate to attend the dress rehearsal of the Year 6/7 Drama production, "Danny, the Champion of the World". It was an awesome show and the cast and crew should be very proud of their efforts. It takes courage to perform on stage. I particularly enjoyed the accents employed by the boys to bring their characters to life. When the characters moved in amongst the audience, there was a real sense of connection - the cast drawing the Year 6s into the story and the audience recognizing class mates and being proud to know them. There was a tangible sense of wonder at being a part of something greater than the individual, and there was also a strong sense of satisfaction at a job well done.

Mr James Hindle
Director of Student and Staff Wellbeing


All School Matters

Year 7 Scholarships for 2018

Applications are now open for Year 7 2018 Academic Scholarships for boys currently in Year 6 who are both current and prospective students to Scotch College. Scholarships are tenable until the end of Year 12, subject to satisfactory academic progress and commitment to the life of the School.

All applications, whether your son is a current student or a prospective student, are made online via the Scotch College website Scholarship link found on our Home page at www.scotch.wa.edu.au. Applications close 24 April 2017. No late applications will be accepted after this date. The Scholarship examination will be held at the College on Saturday 6 May 2017.

Please contact Mrs Di Moran, Registrar, on 9383 6809 or dianne.moran@scotch.wa.edu.au should you have any queries.


Staff Movement

Summer 2017 - leaving/left staff

Emma Waters

French Teacher

Bill Cordner

Director of Community & Service


Insurance Against Injury

Scotch does not provide insurance cover for students on a 24 hour basis. However, we do have accident insurance for all boys whilst they are in the charge and under the control of the College. This includes cover whilst on work experience. The amount of cover is dependent upon the type of injury, generally to a maximum of $1,000.00, with the exception of total and permanent disability. This cover does not include expenses which can be claimed through Medicare and private health insurance or the Medicare Gap and only provides limited cover for dental expenses. Parents are strongly recommended as a minimum to take out insurance cover with their own private insurance.


Community and Service

Round Square International Exchange

Currently, three Year 10 boys are experiencing school in another country. William Smith-Gander (Year 10, Ross) and Caleb Evans (Year 10, Alexander) are at the Inter-Community School in Switzerland and Joshua Law (Year 10, Stuart) is attending Kings Academy in Jordan. This term, Lewis Miller (Year 10, Anderson) returned from Fountain Valley School in Colorado Springs, Sebastian Barrett (Year 10, Brisbane) from The Daly College in India, Thomas Allan (Year 10, Cameron) from Schule Birklehof in Germany and most recently, Benjamin Howie (Year 10, Ross) and Gyles Davies (Year 10, Brisbane) from Gordonstoun School in Scotland. In the second week in April Sean Logan (Year 10, Alexander) departs for Herlufsholm Skole in Denmark. Later in the year Sean Pentony (Year 10, Alexander) will be heading to Tokyo, Japan to attend Tamagawa Academy, Daniel Laurance (Year 10, Stuart) to Markham College in Peru and William Craig (Year 10, Shearer) to Athenian College in San Francisco, USA.

All these exchanges are reciprocal and Scotch families host boys from these schools while they attend Scotch for periods of six weeks up to a term - in the case of two boys from Gordonstoun. As a Global Member of Round Square, Scotch has access to over 150 schools around the world for short-term exchange at Year 10 level. Two-week exchanges for Year 8 boys take place between Australian Round Square schools.

Sebastian Barrett had a wonderfully rich experience in India:

'India has been such a cultural experience and if I had to sum it up I would say "it was different". The difference between the rich and poor, the huge presence of religion, the small family businesses, the colourfulness and happiness of the people, the animals everywhere, the dirt, chaos, noise, and the crush of people, the bargaining, the history, age and traditions of India turned what could have been six normal weeks at school into a life changing experience of amazing memories, people and places. '

'Over this exchange, I have grown so much as a person. At the start, I was afraid of the chaos that I was in but at the end I felt stronger for my struggle. I had more confidence in my actions, I learned the reward that can come from taking risks and trying new things, I learnt to cope and adapt in a completely foreign situation and to accept the many differences that surrounded me. I learnt to put my head up, get involved, and mix with people even when I stood out because it is the only way to experience and understand the exciting new world that surrounded me.'

The new Director of Community and Service Mr David Kyle will be hosting an Information Evening on Round Square exchanges for current Year 9 boys and their parents early in Autumn Term.

The Rotary Club of Mosman Park / Cottesloe is seeking a host family for a 16-year-old boy from Finland who will attend Shenton College. More details can be found here.

Music Ensemble at Rocky Bay

On Friday 24 March a group of Scotch musicians, comprising elements of the strings orchestra and pipe band, performed at Rocky Bay in Mosman Park. The visit took place at a time when Year 10 boys regularly visit to take part in a service-learning activity at the centre. Last term members of the strings orchestra put on a concert for residents of Braemar Presbyterian Aged Care Village in Willagee. This form of outreach by Scotch music students is very well received and an important addition to the College service programme.

rocky bay collage

World's Greatest Shave

greatest shave logo

This Thursday afternoon around 60 Year 12 boys will be having their heads shaved at PLC in support of Leukaemia research. This follows on from the hugely successful event last year when both schools together raised over $90,000. So far this year, Scotch alone has raised over $30,000. Donations are still being received at the Scotch Team Leukaemia Foundation site.

Mr Bill Cordner
Director of Community and Service


Performing Arts

Congratulations to all members of the Combined Scotch/PLC Orchestra who performed at the Quarry Amphitheatre for the PLC Proms Concert on Sunday 19 March. Fortunately, the wind dropped and rain stayed away, so the orchestra enjoyed playing to a capacity audience.

It has been wonderful to see so many students investigate the possibilities of Music performance to contribute towards the College's service activities. Callum Griffiths (Year 10, Shearer) arranged a wonderful afternoon of performances for the residents of Rocky Bay Disability Centre. The audience enjoyed a wide variety of repertoire from our Senior String Ensemble, Pipes and Drums, trumpet, piano and guitar soloists. As a result of Callum's intiative, Scotch musicians have been requested to perform at Rocky Bay as often as we possibly can.

The Middle School production of Danny Champion of the World was presented over three days last week to sold out audiences. The show was the culmination of many hours of rehearsal during the term and was a magnificent success. Congratulations to the director, Mrs Emma Cooper, the drama staff and to all cast and crew members.

Finally, well done to the Senior Jazz Combo who performed at the Parents' Ball under the marquee on Saturday 1 April. Their performance was well received by all who attended.

As we head towards the term break I would like to remind all musicians who are participating at the Fairbridge Festival or at the Mt Gambier Jazz Festival to mark the holiday rehearsals into your diaries. Please see the dates below.

Thanks to all parents who continue to show their support of our Performing Arts programme through their active involvement in our Friends' groups. If you would like to join either the Friends of Scotch Music (FOSM) or Pipe Band Parent Support Group, please let us know, or feel free to attend their next meeting.

Important dates for the Summer Term calendar are:

Week 10 (B)

Mon 3 Apr

Drama 12 ATAR Practical Exams


Tues 4 Apr

Drama 11 ATAR Practical Exams


Term Break

Sat 15 - Sat 22 Apr

NIDA Tour - Sydney (SS Drama Students)

Thurs 20 Apr

Rehearsal for Mt Gambier musicians

Rm 61

10.00am - 3.30pm

Fri 21 Apr

Rehearsal for Fairbridge Festival musicians

Rm 61

9.00am - 12 noon

Rehearsal for Mt Gambier musicians

Rm 61

12 noon - 4.00pm

Sat 22 Apr

Fairbridge Festival - Scotch Youth Voices, Senior Vocal ensemble & selected MS Music Students

Fairbridge, Pinjarra

Mon 24 Apr

Rehearsal for Mt Gambier musicians

Rm 61

2.00pm - 4.00pm

Tues 25 Apr

ANZAC Day (selected soloists)

6.30am - Freshwater Bay Yacht Club

ANZAC Day Parade (Full Band)

Perth CBD

Week 1 (A)

Sun 30 Apr

Mt Gambier Pre - tour performance

DC - 2.00pm

Contact Details

The Instrumental Programme is administered by the Senior School Music Department and all queries should be directed to the Music Administrators, Julia Robinson (Monday to Wednesdays) and Donna Ranauro (Thursday and Fridays) via phone 9383 6841 or email music@scotch.wa.edu.au. Alternately, please contact Mr Chris McMillan, Head of Performing Arts, via email Chris.McMillan@scotch.wa.edu.au or phone 9383 6842.

If you wish to become more involved in supporting the Music Department, please contact FOSM@scotch.wa.edu.au

Mr Chris McMillan
Head of Performing Arts


The Raven

The Summer edition of The Raven is out, full of creative, persuasive and speech writing and visual art entries. Please enjoy!

Congratulations to the following boys who have had their writing or visual art work published in this edition of The Raven. These boys are: Luke Henderson (Year 12, Ferguson), Felix Jones (Year 11, Brisbane), Mark Horton (Year 12, Cameron), James Mandzufas (Year 12, Shearer), Stewart Wallace (Year 11, Keys), Patrick Latchem (Year 9, Ferguson), Matthia Au (Year 11, Alexander), Jett Stevenson (Year 11, St Andrews), Bailey van der Zanden (Year 12, Ferguson), Andrew Burvill (Year 12, Shearer), Sidharth Bhargavan (Year 12, Shearer), Conor Patton (Year 11, Ross), Flynn Davies (Year 12, Brisbane), Ted Bentley (Year 10, Stuart), Izaac Cocca (Year 10, Stuart), Jack Logan (Year 12, Alexander), Reid Dowling (Year 11, St Andrews), Sebastian Hasluck (Year 11, St Andrews) and Sam Johnston (Year 10, St Andrews).

Please enjoy reading or viewing work by visiting the electronic version of The Raven here. Any boy who has creative writing that he would like to submit to The Raven can send a copy to jeannette.weeda@scotch.wa.edu.au.

All entries are considered for the Raven Speech Night prizes and other writing competitions.


Scotch College Tech Centre

Holiday Opening Times
The Tech Centre will be open during the holidays to assist with laptop and iPad repairs.

We have an Apple Certified technician onsite for all repairs, with most being done within two working days and loan devices being available for your son.

Monday to Friday - 8.00am to 4.00pm

Closed Good Friday, Easter Monday and Anzac Day

Note: The Libraries across Scotch will be closed to students during the holidays, however, if you need assistance you can email library@scotch.wa.edu.au for assistance with a response within 48 hours.

Care Tips
Summer term repairs in the Tech Centre have been due to laptop screens being closed whilst objects such as headphones/pencils are still on the keyboard. Liquid damage has also been an issue so it is worthwhile reminding your son not to have drinks close to the device. Lastly, laptops have been lost due to being left unattended, whether at sport or on the train.

Travel tips
With the recent US and UK announcement that laptops, e-readers and almost any other electronic device that is not a phone will be banned from cabin luggage, it is recommended you check with your travel insurance company if you are flying over the Easter break. If you are taking your son's laptop overseas, please remember his laptop is not covered by the College's Insurance for personal international trips.

ILT Device Fact Sheet

Tech Centre can be contacted on (08) 9460 6866


Uniform Shop

Opening Hours for Winter Uniform Changeover

No appointments are necessary. The Uniform Shop will be open extra hours over and above the normal opening times, as follows.

Summer Term Extra Opening Hours

Wednesday 5 April

7.30am to 9.00am

Holiday Opening Hours

Friday 21 April

9.00am to 4.00pm (lunch: noon - 1.00pm)

Monday 24 April

9.00am to 4.00pm (lunch: noon - 1.00pm)

Autumn Term Extra Opening Hours

Wednesday 26 April

7.30am to 9.00am

Boys need to be in Winter uniform on Wednesday, 26 April (start of term).


Adventure World

Last Sunday we finally made it to Adventure World. Something we had planned to do at the beginning of the term, but, weather and other commitments have forced us to postpone on several occasions. As luck would have it, we think this may be the ideal time to go in the future as even though the weather was a bit cooler the lines to the rides were shorter which meant that lots more fun was had by all!

Catch up on all the latest news from Residential Life here.

Mr Marcus Wilkinson
Director of Residential Life


Head of Junior SchoolJunior School

From the Head of Junior School

A selfless act

'Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them.' - Dalai Lama XIV

A selfless act can be any voluntary act meant to benefit another that includes anything from a mere inconvenience to a real possibility of suffering. Fire fighters, soldiers and policemen are prime examples of hard-working servicemen and women in our community and while they regularly perform benevolent deeds for no personal gain, a selfless act does not have to be heroic.

A visitor at a store who sees an elderly shopper and assists them or even just lets them in front of them at the checkout could be seen as committing a selfless act. Holding the door for people going in and out of public buildings could very well be called a selfless act, seeing as it is nearly always a thankless gesture.

Organisations such as the Red Cross, Doctors without Borders or missionaries from different religious organisations often put themselves in harm's way to benefit others. These gestures are selfless acts that allow these brave individuals to bring much needed aid, medical support and care to some of the world's most needy people. They do this for no reason other than they feel it is the right thing to do.

Part of our programme here at Scotch College is to develop empathy within the boys, the ability to understand what other people are going through and show compassion for another person's situation.

On Friday 24 March, boys from the Junior, Middle and Senior School demonstrated this empathy and compassion with their actions to join the World's Greatest Shave. Though the events bought no benefit to them, other than some enjoyment at seeing their friends and teachers having their heads shaved, approximately $7,436 has been raised towards a very worthy cause.

Currently in the College there are two students in the Middle School who are suffering from a blood disease. Leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma are types of blood cancer that can be developed by anyone, at any age and at any time. Currently there are over 60,000 Australians living with a blood cancer or related disorder and every day another three to five people are diagnosed. The money that our boys raised last week will contribute, in a small way, to hopefully one day finding a cure for this dreaded disease.

I want to commend the boys of the Junior School, including Hamish Byass, Charlie Roads, Marc Ricciardello, Luca Wheeler and Lucas Marley for bravely sacrificing their hair for a good cause.

I also wish to thank Mr Norman, Mr Whiston and Mr Wells for also volunteering to have their heads shaved in support of the boys but more importantly in support of raising some money and awareness about blood cancers. These selfless acts by a few people go a long way to demonstrate the wonderful qualities of our boys, the empathy they extend to others and, hopefully, will one day assist in finding a cure.

Mr John Stewart
Head of Junior School


French News

Bonjour everyone. Well, it was a wonderfully busy and successful term in French. So many boys are getting active and confident in French lessons, which is fantastique to see. The Year 1 boys had a successful time working with greetings, learning how to say hello at different times of the day and how to introduce themselves and share their name using "Je m'appelle…" During one lesson, we all gathered in a circle with mini whiteboards and wrote out our phrases and then shared them with each other. The boys were great at pronouncing these new words and even gave writing in French a go for the first time. This term, thanks to our two French Captains, Ryan Wang and Will Salom, we will be promoting French even more in the Junior School at Scotch. Listen out for their announcements at assembly for news on the big French event they will organise for Autumn Term.

Madame Vinton
French Specialist


Week 9 Summer Term - Headmaster's Commendations


Harrison Alder


Waite Cswaykus


Brodie Gillett


Lachlan Gillett


Noah Hubble


Maxwell Fine


Eamonn Maher


Marcus Whittome


Cooper Royle


Erik van de Veire


James Cousins


Andrew Katsambanis


William Macknay


James Bowie


Jack Boylson


Sebastian Carmichael


Stewart Graves


Oliver Knuckey


James Vaughan


Richard Gamble


Philip Pizimolas


Callum Shaw


Myles Beeney


Charlie Bowles


David Walton


Isaak Ventouras


George Di Prinzio


Benjamin Flynn


Alex Johnston


William Salom


James Tan


James Winch


Jackson Sellepack


Year 4C News

Our year in 4C began with a splash. The first highlight of the term was the Inter-House Swimming Carnival and we enjoyed competing against our peers. Another highlight was playing basketball in our first ever JPSSA Carnival against Christ Church and Hale. We shot some extraordinary hoops and relished the opportunity to meet boys from the other schools, however we were very tired by the time the carnival was finished. Then we dived into Visual Arts by visiting Sculpture by the Sea. There were some incredible sculptures and we even got to meet one of the wonderful sculptors.

In our first unit of inquiry, we learned about the human body and completed fun science experiments. We even made blood to represent the components of blood using jelly, sprinkles, marshmallows and Maltesers. Finally, we had two parents come in to teach us about the body. Dr. Fine taught us all about teeth and showed us why it is important to take good care of them. Additionally, Dr. Arellano taught us about the different body systems and we even played a game to learn about how the circulatory system works. Overall, this term has been great and we cannot wait to explore the wonders of the next term.

Alex Fine
Year 4 Student



The Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU) programme is well underway in the early years here at Scotch College Junior School. EMU provides students with explicit instruction on key mathematical concepts and strategies, along with providing added support to the Year 1 and Year 2 class mathematics programme.

For the introduction of new concepts, The EMU approach to learning relies heavily on concrete materials so students can see and display their understandings. Once the concrete phase of learning is accomplished we direct the boys to develop their partial understandings. The boys do this by imagining or visualising what a mathematical problem or concept might look like. Once this is achieved, the boys are ready to go to the abstract phase of learning whereby they can translate their knowledge and understanding into the written or symbolic form.

Rather than learning procedurally or by rote, the EMU boys learn through teacher and peer questioning; prompting and probing to get a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

I encourage you to try using the following prompts with your child at home to further develop their conceptual mathematical understandings:

  • Explain your thinking. What does that look on a number line?
  • Is there an easier way to do this? Show me!
  • Are you sure? Can you prove it!
  • What did you find? Explain your thinking
  • Can you show it a different way?
  • How do you know your answer is right? Prove it!
  • What do you notice?
  • What number is 1 more? 10 more? 100 more? How do you know?
  • What number is 1 less? 10 less? 100 less? How do you know?

Emerson McNally, Levy Kulasekara and George Saicic finding one more and one less on a number line.

Mrs Janet Lopez
Head of Academic Support


From the Head of Middle SchoolMiddle School

From the Head of Middle School

I saw our Drama production, 'Danny Champion of the World' on Saturday and was once again blown away by the talent, creativity and exuberance of our youngest Drama students. What a great story "Danny" is. The cast and crew have been working away after school and on weekends to perform the show. Remembering lines, actions, and timing takes a great level of commitment. On top of this, I noted that everyone in the cast affected a new accent for their character, sometimes multiple accents for the same character! It was a funny, well-produced story with a great message. My congratulations to Mrs Emma Cooper, the backstage technicians and the FOPAS for their behind the scenes work that allowed so many boys to get on to the stage and star.

Behind the scenes activity has been a theme here for the past months with the Scotch Parents organising the Biannual Scotch Parents' Ball that was held on Saturday. What a night it was too. The setting was sensational and the evening followed suit. My congratulations to the organising committee who have put months into planning this event. It was a great Scotch community evening with families from the ELC right through to Year 12 all on the dance floor together. We often refer to school as a community, this weekend was a great illustration of the depth and abilities of our community.

Interim Reports for Year 8 will be sent home electronically this week. They offer families a window on how the year has commenced from an academic perspective for their son. On Friday 28 April, Week 1 of next term we will be running a Supporting Your Son in the MYP information session for parents new to the MYP. We offer detail and clarification around some of the big features of the MYP: Inquiry learning, Concept based approach, Criterion based assessment and the importance of the Approaches to Learning.

Middle School Staff Update

Mrs Sian Angel, Homeroom Teacher for 8.5A will leave us to begin Maternity Leave early next term and will be replaced by Mrs Mia Sullivan. Mrs Sullivan is from Wesley College, however was a former member of the Middle School staff 6 years ago. In other exciting baby news, Mr Scott Bycroft and his wife Junko celebrated the arrival of their new baby daughter Rinka last week.

In Chapel today we had our foot washing ceremony that heralds Easter is close by and so is the end of term. The foot washing is a humbling service that we hope is recognised by our students. No task should be below us, no person does not deserve our help. I hope the coming school holiday with Easter in the middle is a happy one for you. Thank you for your support this term, I look forward seeing you all in two weeks' time.

Mr Richard Ledger
Head of Middle School


Visual Arts in Middle School

The Visual Arts has seen a positive start to the year, with Year 6, 7 and 8 boys all undertaking new programmes designed to develop their fundamental skills in three main studio areas: Drawing, Painting and Ceramics.

However, as well as this, we are conscious of the transferrable skills inherent in a good Visual Arts course that feed into other subject areas, and indeed beyond the boundaries of school altogether. Skills such as; problem solving, lateral thinking, non- verbal communication, personal expression, perseverance and resilience, sustained focus and application to a project, exploring multiple perspectives, exploring multiple alternatives, and so on. These are built into the International Baccalaureate programme as the Approaches to Learning, and are what we strongly believe constitute the deeper value of the Visual Arts to the boys.

The Year 6s have undertaken a ceramics project that has required them to be innovative and inventive in the manipulation of familiar forms, looking to combine the features of unrelated objects to express something new and original. The results have been impressive to date, with the boys embracing the challenge and working hard to execute their workmanship with skill and finesse.

The Year 7s are currently painting self-portraits with a symbolic and expressive use of colour, informed by the Post-Impressionist and Expressionist art movements. The boys explored drawing their own face accurately, looked at colour theory and undertook sessions on correct brush and painting techniques. They have chosen colour schemes that symbolically represent aspects of themselves.

The Year 8s are building ceramic hands, where the emphasis is on accuracy with proportion and detail with the individual components of a hand, along with the symbolic significance of certain hand gestures across different cultures and in different contexts.

Middle School Visual Arts Enrichment Programme

I am introducing a new Visual Arts Enrichment programme at the start of Autumn Term, and this programme is designed to develop the technical and conceptual skills in more talented and willing Visual Arts students, with a view to potentially entering their work in some of the state's premier Art Prize exhibitions (such as the Black Swan Portrait Prize), as well as the Scotch 'Inspirations' exhibition. It is designed to foster passion in the students, and move their innate gifts towards genuine talents.

This programme will enhance the visual arts toolkit for all participants. First and foremost, the boys will develop their technical visual art skills in a variety of mediums, which will facilitate their development through sustained application and guided practise, as well as the previously mentioned skills. Students interested and talented in Visual Art will be invited and encouraged to enrol in this programme. The programme will be running on a Thursday afternoon from 3.30pm - 5.30pm.

Mr Scott Bycroft
Middle School Art


News from 7.5G

Class 7.5G has been hard at work on an exciting research project that has required them to investigate the thoughts and opinions of Scotch boys and their parents for local skate shop Momentum. The class was commissioned by the Eastland family to find out what current Scotch boys thought about the skate shop and to suggest some new ideas that could help the business out. The boys were very eager to get started once they heard about the local business that had contacted them and have been enthusiastically working in collaborative groups to design questions to help collect their data.

As part of their studies in iLearn this term, the boys of 7.5G have learnt about interview techniques, conducting surveys and questioning focus groups in order to collect, interpret and draw conclusions about primary research data. They have become experts in analysing qualitative and quantitative data. At the conclusion of their research and analysis, Class 7.5G will invite the owners of Momentum back to their class in order to present their findings to them.

Mr Peter Gaspar
7.5G Homeroom Teacher


Switching On Learning with Music in 8.1T

It has been known for many centuries that certain types of music induce a state of deep relaxation in which memorising long historical stories occurs almost magically. In ancient times, long stories were recited to heartbeat rhythms. When we listen to one-beat-per-second instrumental music, our heartbeat synchronises, our bodies relax, and our brains have a greater proportion of alpha and theta waves. In this state we are amazingly receptive and learning occurs rapidly.

This term in 8.1T we have been trialling this idea by occasionally having soft, background classical music playing. In Humanities, the boys have had a research assignment to do and in English, they have been working on some creative writing pieces. Both of these have required the boys to utilise their class time concentrating and working individually. In an attempt to encourage the boys to move into a state where their minds and bodies are calm and relaxed, we have been listening to some Beethoven and Bach classics. Whilst at first this met with some groans and complaints from the boys, it has been interesting to observe how quickly and quietly they settled into their work.

This is just one of the many switch-ons for the brain that we are using, to encourage a state of relaxed readiness in which learning and performance is more easily achieved.

Mrs Tracey FitzPatrick
8.1T Homeroom Teacher


Student Achievements

Congratulations to the following boys who were awarded Aged Swimming Champion 2017 for their relevant year group:

Nicolas Le Page (8.1T) U14 Swimming Champion

Seamus Walton (7.2H) U13 Swimming Champion

Congratulations to Nicolas Le Page (8.1T) who recorded a time of 32.29 in the U14 50m Backstroke at the PSA Inter-School Swimming Carnival which beat the school record he set at the Middle School Inter-House Swimming Championships earlier in the term of 33.03.

Congratulations to Zachary Mills (6.1S) who participated in the recent State Surf Life Saving Championships representing Trigg Island SLSC achieving the following results:

  • Gold in U11 Ironman Race
  • Gold in U11 Swim Race
  • Bronze in U11 Board Race
  • Gold in the 4 team events

Congratulations to Declan Cook (8.6C) and Joseph Crowley (8.7KB) who also participated in the State Surf Life Saving Championships representing Sorrento SLSC achieving the following results:

  • Bronze (Declan) in U13 board rescue
  • Silver (Declan) in U13 surf swim
  • Gold (Declan & Joseph) in surf swim team
  • Gold (Declan & Joseph) in beach sprint relay
  • Gold (Joseph) 1km beach run
  • Gold (Joseph) Cameron relay

Congratulations to Raffael Torre (8.5A) who competed at the recent 420 Sailing State Championships at the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club and was named U17 State Champion and 3rd overall.


Supporting Your Son in the MYP

Supporting Your Son in the MYP

At the start of Autumn Term, the Middle School will be hosting a presentation entitled "Supporting Your Son in the MYP". The discussion will cover the key aspects of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP), as well as answering some of the frequently asked questions around the MYP including: What is inquiry based learning? What is a concept based curriculum? What does it mean to have criterion related assessment?

The presentation will be of interest to those parents who are new to the Middle School and the MYP, as well as those who would like to build on their understanding of the MYP.

If you are unable to attend in person, a copy of the presentation will be placed on the Middle School Portal for all parents.

Date: Friday 28 April

Time: 10.00am - 11.30am

Venue: Boarding House Dining Room Annexe

Mrs Sophie Berry

Dean of Teaching & Learning Middle School


From the Head of Senior SchoolSenior School

From the Head of Senior School

We are fortunate at Scotch to have a growing culture of personal excellence. This encourages individuals to take pride in the development and improvement they make on a personal level, not necessarily or exclusively against an external benchmark or by comparing themselves to the person sitting next to them. One only needs to consider the 90 personal bests achieved by the Swimming Team at the PSA Inter-School Carnival to understand the importance of personal goals and personal excellence. While the nature of competition can serve as a powerful motivator for performance in some individuals it does not work for all. It often produces a win-lose mentality. So how do we get the best out of our boys? Well, it is simply "about knowing the boy".

Encouraging boys to challenge themselves in ways which suit the individual is not necessarily an easy task. Having such a huge range of opportunities for Scotch boys to become involved in, allows for different methods in different context. Again, not all boys will respond to a model of direct competition, but rather to a step-by-step approach of personal development. So the development of personal excellence becomes a personal journey. When one considers opportunities within the music, sporting, arts or cultural domains offered at the College, it becomes clear that all students have the opportunity to develop their talents. However, one aspect that is inseparable from the type of pursuit and the manner in which the challenge is presented is the hard work necessary for boys to become the very best version of themselves. Students must commit to attain their best by spending the hours practising and refining their skills. It is pleasing that the College takes on a proactive role in acknowledging these contributions both within the School and the wider community. In our weekly assemblies, the acknowledgement of students for their notable achievements is something I enjoy sharing with the community. We encourage students who represent the College at the highest level of their competition to wear their formal winter uniform on Fridays and they are clearly identifiable during marching. This is important because it provides an opportunity to acknowledge students, who participate across a wide variety of domains, for their different skills and their dedicated work ethic.

Please encourage your boys to engage in the varying domains and give themselves the chance to find their niche and a strength of which they can be proud.

Mr Dean Shadgett
Head of Senior School


Senior School Important Dates





Week 10B

Monday 3 April

Year 9 Bibbulmun Track Expedition away

Winter sport training for all Senior School boys this week (please refer to home.scotch for details)

Year 11 PE (General) Excursion

Wembley Golf Course

12.45pm - 3.25pm

Cricket Dinner

Dining Room

6.30pm - 9.30pm

Tuesday 4 April

Water Polo Dinner

Dining Room Annexe

6.30pm - 9.30pm

WADL Debating Round 2 Week 2

Christ Church Grammar School

6.30pm - 10.00pm

Wednesday 5 April

Year 10 Allwell Testing Catch Up


8.30am - 12.30pm

Mindfulness Meditation Course

Room 13.103

3.45pm - 5.00pm

Year 9 Bibbulmun Track Expedition returns

approx 4.00pm

Senior School Production Rehearsal

Dickinson Centre

3.30pm - 6.00pm

Basketball Dinner

Dining Room

6.30pm - 9.30pm

Thursday 6 April

Slide Guitar Workshop

Design and Technology Area

Full day

Residential Life Parents' Dinner

MS Gallery and Dining Room

6.00pm - 9.30pm

Year 12 Ferguson House Parents' Dinner

Off campus

6.30pm - 9.30pm

Friday 7 April

Senior School Marching and Assembly

Dickinson Centre

8.35am - 9.35am

Summer Term ends for Senior School boys (No Year 9 sport training)


Residential Life Parent Teacher Student Interviews

Dickinson Centre

1.00pm - 3.00pm

Week 1A

Monday 24 April

Staff Day (no classes)

Tuesday 25 April

ANZAC Day (no classes)

Keys House Get Together

4.30pm - 6.30pm

Wednesday 26 April

Autumn Term commences for Senior School boys (Winter Uniform)

Mindfulness Meditation Course

Room 13.103

3.45pm - 5.00pm

Senior School Production Rehearsal

Dickinson Centre

3.30pm - 6.00pm

Year 10 Subject Selection Evening

Dickinson Centre

6.30pm - 7.30pm

Thursday 27 April

Year 9 House Head Report Meeting

BRC (Library)

3.30pm - 7.30pm

Football Season Opening Barbecue

Gooch Pavilion

5.00pm - 7.00pm

Friday 28 April

Senior School Marching and Assembly

Dickinson Centre

8.35am - 9.35am

PSA Sport - Scotch College v Wesley College (please refer to home.scotch for fixtures)


2.00pm - 4.00pm

Senior School Production Rehearsal

Dickinson Centre

4.00pm - 6.00pm

Years 9 and 10 Cadet Camp departs


Saturday 29 April

PSA Sport - Scotch College v Wesley College (please refer to home.scotch for fixtures)


8.30am - various

Sunday 30 April

Years 9 and 10 Cadet Camp returns


Senior School Production Rehearsal

Dickinson Centre

10.00am - 4.00pm

Week 2B

Monday 2 May

Year 12 Diploma, Year 11 and 12 WACE and VET (ATAR and General) Examination Period commences

Year 10 Personal Project meetings this week

Summer Term will conclude for Senior School boys at 1.00pm on Friday 7 April.

The final marching and assembly of the term will take place on Friday morning in the Dickinson Centre commencing at 8.35am. As always, parents are welcome to attend.

Autumn Term commences on Wednesday 26 April, Week 1A, with the boys heading straight to class. Boys are to be dressed in their winter uniform on their return to school. A reminder that uniform and haircuts are to be addressed prior to the commencement of term.

Normal sport training resumes for all boys on the afternoon of Wednesday 26 April (no morning training). All sporting information is available on home.scotch and will be updated throughout the term.


Boys' Achievements

Hugo Clegg (Year 10, Shearer), Charlie Castleden (Year 10, Stuart) and Benjamin Ledger (Year 10, Alexander) swam in a team of six (with three PLC girls) from Leighton beach to Rottnest. They won their race category, Juveniles aged 13-17, in a time of 6 hours 20 minutes.

Aaron Oughtibridge (Year 11, Brisbane) has been selected to represent Western Australia in the 2017 Water Polo team competing at the School Sport Australian National Championships in Noosa 21 - 26 May.

Sean Szalek (Year 11, Ross) won gold in U18 High Jump (2.04 metres) at Australian National Championships.

Lachlan Meston (Year 11, Ross) and Alistair Murray (Year 12, Brisbane) have been selected in the Western Australia U18 Hockey Team to compete at the National Championships in Hobart during April.

Oliver Harding (Year 12, Keys) has been selected in the Australian 16's Hockey Team touring Europe at the end of May.

Marcello Torre (Year 10, Cameron) won U19 champion at the 420 Sailing State Championships hosted at Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club. Marcello was 2nd overall.

Lewis Orr (Year 10, Ferguson) travelled to Queensland for the Somerset Writers Festival, where he was shortlisted for the Junior category of the Somserset National Poetry Prize, which he won!

Zaide Moxham (Year 9, Cameron) is representing the North Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club at the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships 22 - 27 March 2017 in Queensland.

Jed Hood (Year 10, Ferguson), James Mardardy (Year 10, Stuart), Timothy Fleay (Year 9, Brisbane), Nicholas Verryn (Year 9, Alexander) and Max Freedman (Year 9, St Andrews) have been selected in the WA State U15 Hockey team to travel to Sydney in April for the National Championships.

Toby Dew (Year 9, St Andrews) was a silver medal in the National cross country criterium and came 7th in the National cross country mountain bike championship.

Congratulations to the Scotch College Touch Rugby team who came runner up in their competition.

Australian Mathematics Competition

In July last year about half of our Scotch community sat the AMC Maths Competition. While some of the competitors moaned and groaned, many excelled. Based on those results and a series of other competitions; approximately 100 students from across Australia are invited to attempt the Australian Mathematical Olympiad in February. We had three boys represent Scotch; Yuelin Shen (Year 12, Brisbane), William Steinberg (Year 9, Brisbane) and Daniel Wiese (Year 9, Keys).

On the back of those results William Steinberg has represented Australia in the junior category of correspondence Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad and over the Easter holidays both he and Dan will attend the AMOC Selection School in Sydney.

Have Sum Fun

Congratulations to the following boys who competed in the 'Have Sum Fun' Mathematics Competition:

William Steinberg (Year 9, Brisbane), Daniel Wiese (Year 9, Keys) and Sam Wake (Year 9, Brisbane) in Year 9 and James Jenour (Year 10, Brisbane), Joshua O'Dea (Year 10, Brisbane) and Liam Newport (Year 10, Shearer) in Year 10.

Swimming Age Champion Boys

In 2017 the Swimming Champion Boy awards will be selected using the following criteria:

  1. Number of points attained at the Inter-School Swimming Carnival
  2. Division of events that swimmer has competed in (Division 1 or 2)
  3. Place(s) achieved in the 200m races, School Age Championships, Quads and Inter-School Carnivals
  4. Number of events competed in
  5. Versatility of the swimmer
  6. Training attendance and attitude
  7. Contribution to the Swimming Team

U/15: Bailey Wright (Year 9, Ross)

U/16: Hugo Clegg (Year 10, Shearer)

U/17: Alex Porter-Wilkinson (Year 11, Brisbane)

OPEN: Lachlan Vos (Year 12, St Andrews)

Under 17 50m Butterfly Alex Porter-Wilkinson recorded a time of 28.58 at the PSA Inter-School Swimming which beat the school record he set at the Inter-House Swimming Championships earlier in the term of 28.63

Excellence in the Workplace Awards

Luke Gollan (Year 12, Keys)

Tremayne Green (Year 12, Keys)

Roko Radman (Year 12, Keys)

Certificate II in Business Awards

Jaimon Alone (Year 12, Keys)

Benjamin Anderson (Year 12, Cameron)

Lachlan Bird (Year 12, Anderson)

Fletcher Cumming (Year 12, St Andrews)

Luke Gollan (Year 12, Keys)

Tremayne Green (Year 12, Keys)

Luke Kielman (Year 12, St Andrews)

Jack Manners (Year 12, Stuart)

Harrison Nixon (Year 12, Keys)

Roko Radman (Year 12, Keys)

Levi Ross (Year 12, Keys)

Justin Weatherall (Year 12, St Andrews)

End-to-End Bibbulmun Track

Certificates have been presented to the following boys for completing the Bibbulmun Track:

Jakheen Coaby (Year 12, Keys)

Phillip Collard (Year 12, Keys)

Joe Dowling (Year 12, Keys)

George Gibson (Year 12, Keys)

Luke Gollan (Year 12, Keys)

Oliver Harding (Year 12, Keys)

James Hills (Year 12, Keys)

Nicholas Klug (Year 12, Keys)

Thomas Menzies (Year 12, Keys)

Lachlan Morrell (Year 12, Keys)

Roko Radman (Year 12, Keys)

Oliver Repton (Year 12, Keys)

Callum Willmott (Year 12, Keys)

Inter-House Cross Country Results





St Andrews






























Careers Information

Schools Curriculum & Standards Authority Notices

Non School-Candidates 2017

Non-school candidates are typically Year 12 students who wish to sit a language examination through interstate language examination where the course is not offered at Scotch College (eg Italian, German, Indonesian Background Speaker) or a Year 12 student who is undertaking the French background language examination where the course is not offered at Scotch College.

Applications forms for Non-School Candidates are available from Mr Frusher at Scotch. Applications close on Wednesday 5 April, 2017.

Changes to Enrolments Year 12 students

Wednesday 5 April, 2017 is the final date for changes to enrolments in ATAR and General courses for Year 12 students.

Year 12 students are able to withdraw from ATAR courses with practical examination components up until Friday, 28 July and from ATAR courses which do not have practical examination components up until Friday, 25 August, 2017.

Year 12 students are able to withdraw from General courses up until Friday, 25 August, 2017.

Students need to discuss any changes of enrolments with Mr Frusher prior to the dates indicated above.

University Information

UWA Year 12 Course Information Evening

Monda, 8 May, 7.00pm - 8.30pm

The Year 12 Course Information Evening will have an informative presentation for parents and students, specifically on UWA courses and admission requirements, Direct Pathways into postgraduate degrees, our new Bachelor of Biomedical Science degree, fee information and the UWA student experience. All UWA faculties will be present so that families will also have the opportunity to speak directly to specific course advisers. Light refreshments are provided.

Bookings are essential, students can register here: www.studyat.uwa.edu.au/events.

St George's College

St George's College provides accommodation for students studying at universities in Perth and is the oldest and most prestigious residential college in Western Australia. Free gym memberships, tutoring, social events and three meals a day are included in our competitive fees. Apply today to join the community of St George's College for 2018. Applications are welcome from metropolitan, regional and international students.

For more information check out our webpage www.stgeorgescollege.uwa.edu.au, email admin@stgeorgescollege.uwa.edu.au or call 9449 5555. Information about scholarships can be found here: http://stgeorgescollege.uwa.edu.au/future-students/scholarships/.

ECU Pizza Night for Year 11 and 12 students

Monday 1 May, 6.00pm-7.30pm at Joondalup Campus

Edith Cowan University is hosting a Pizza Night for Year 11 and 12 students interested in furthering their education at the tertiary level. Grab your parents and join ECU at their Information and Pizza Night.


Melbourne University

The University of Melbourne would like to invite students to attend their Information Day for interstate students and their families at our Parkville campus on Friday 21 April, 9.00am - 4.30pm.

The day will focus on aspects of the university that are of greater concern to interstate students such as the application process, scholarships, student services, accommodation options and financial assistance. Participants will have an opportunity to ask current University of Melbourne students who have come from interstate about their experience and how they managed the transition. The programme will also include a campus tour followed by a free lunch at one of the residential colleges and finally a college tour.

Register Now


Melbourne JD Information Session in Perth

Melbourne University will be conducting an event in Perth on Wednesday 5 April for any students who may have an interest in studying law. Students who see a future in law can talk with one of Melbourne University's most vibrant and passionate professors who teaches the Juris Doctor (JD) programme. Professor Ian Malkin, JD Course Director, will talk about the course structure international opportunities, electives, career support, entry requirements as well as Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) tips.

Date: Wednesday 5 April 2017

Venue: State Library of Western Australia, 25 Francis Street, Perth Cultural Centre, Perth WA 6000

Time: 5:00pm - 6.00pm

Registration Details

Bond University

Find out more about studying at Bond University and what makes it so unique.

Learn more about Bond University's undergraduate single and combined study programmes, industry links and 'Beyond Bond' core subject, three-semester-per-year timetable, state-of-the-art facilities, campus life, scholarships, and fees and costs (including FEE-HELP).

Date: Wednesday 3 May, 2017

Time: 6.00pm - 7.30pm

Location: The Flour Factory - 16 Queens Street, Perth WA 6000

US College Information Fair

Wesley College will be hosting the Linden U.S. College Fair from 5.30pm to 7.30pm on Monday 8 May 2017 in the Goatcher Auditorium, in the Joseph Green Centre, at Wesley College.

A number of U.S. colleges will have representatives in attendance at the fair, including:

- Central Penn College

- Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

- Fairleigh Dickinson University

- University of Buffalo

- The State University of New York

- University of Colorado

- Whitworth University

- University of South Carolina

These colleges offer a diverse range of high-quality academic, sporting and cultural programmes. For example, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University offers a range of courses in (but not limited to) aviation, aeronautics and aerospace, while Fairleigh Dickinson University has one of the top ranked business schools in the U.S.

5.30pm - Introductions and panel discussion about studying in the U.S.

6.15pm - College Fair with opportunities to visit booths and talk to staff representing the Colleges listed above.

As seats are limited, booking are essential. RSVP here: https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=266226.

Apprenticeship Opportunities

Apprenticeship Central advertises full- and part-time apprenticeships as well as a number of opportunities for school-based apprenticeships.


Directions WA is a community based, not for profit organisation working with employers, students and jobseekers in WA. They currently have three available job opportunities:

  • Commercial Cook at Perth Metropolitan
  • Apprentice Carpenters Expression of Interest at Perth Metropolitan
  • Spray Painting Apprenticeship at Regional Wheatbelt

Directions are also taking expressions of interest for a number of other positions that are not yet open.


GTSW Apprenticeship & Traineeship Vacancies

Search for Apprenticeships and Traineeships available in your area: http://atcemployment.com.au/jobseekers/search-for-a-job/

Australian Defence Force Information Sessions

Attend an information session and discover the variety of roles in the Australian Defence Force.

  • Tuesday 4 April Perth: Commando Information Session


  • Wednesday 5 April Perth: Aviation Careers Information Session


  • Monday 10 April Perth: Australian Defence Force Academy Information Session


Revision Courses

Year 11 and 12 April ATAR Revision with Academic Task Force - six hour subject revision at Rossmoyne SHS, Churchlands SHS and Perth Modern School. Enrol now online at www.academictaskforce.com.au or call 9314 9500 or email learn@academictaskforce.com.au.

Year 12 April ATAR Revision Courses with Academic Associates - 10 hour courses available at the University of Western Australia. Enrol online at www.academicassociates.com.au or call 9314 9500 or email info@academicassociates.com.au

Mr Peter Frusher
Careers Adviser


Support Groups

Pipe Band Parent Support Group

The next PBPSG Meeting will be held on Thursday 18 May at 7.30pm in the Senior School Pipe Band room. All parents are welcome to attend.

Please note there is no meeting in April.

Mrs Margaret Shine
Pipe Band Parent Support Group President


Scotch Parents

Upcoming Events

  • Year 8 Parent Evening - Steve's Hotel on Thursday 4 May

To purchase your tickets please visit the Scotch College website www.scotch.wa.edu.au and click on the "Book a Scotch Event" icon.

Mr Ian Knobel and Ms Steph Debnam
Scotch Parents


Community Notices

Skyplay April Holiday Basketball Camp

CJ Jackson is offering extra basketball skills and games camps at Scotch College during the April holidays. Please see attached more information and registration details.


Clothes & Accessories Needed for Red Cross Bindaring Sale

Scotch College is once again supporting this local fundraiser. Good quality clean clothes for men, women and children plus shoes, bags, belts, scarves and costume jewellery in good condition, are needed to stock the 54th Red Cross Bindaring Clothing Sale at Claremont Showground on Saturday 20 May 2017. All funds raised support Australian Red Cross local services in our community.

Collection boxes will be located in the Uniform Shop and Senior School Reception from Wednesday 26 April to Monday 15 May.