18 June 2018

PYP - A pedagogical framework

Last week I had the privilege of attending the Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Kuala Lumpur. It was wonderful to be part of such an amazing networks of educators who are committed to ensuring children are active participants in the learning process. As I reflected upon the many sessions I attended, I was reminded of some of the wonderful aspects of being a part of a PYP community, some of which include:

  • The PYP promotion of learning for all students in the school regardless of their cultural background or mother tongue.
  • Although some of the content included will be unique to any one school, the PYP determines the framework for all schools, and the IBO requires that the same standards and practices apply to all schools.
  • The PYP framework requires the development of particular concepts, knowledge, skills and attitudes, and that opportunities for students to take action are considered and planned for.
  • The PYP is part of the continuum of international education offered by the IBO-the approach to teaching and learning in the PYP is an excellent preparation for, but not a prerequisite for, the IB Middle Years Programme or the IB Diploma Programme.
  • The PYP curriculum has been developed by highly experienced teachers and school leaders from within a variety of school contexts. They contribute a global perspective supported by compelling educational theory and research.
  • The teachers plan the programme together, providing a coherent education, with expectations of the students that are similar from one teacher to another.
  • The PYP promotes good teaching practice through the written curriculum documents, the sharing of ideas among IB World Schools and ongoing professional development.
  • Teachers' collaborative planning ensures a rigorous programme that includes assessment tasks that are specific to what is being taught and allows student learning to be continually supported.

Chrissy Gamble

Head of Junior School