18 June 2018


The boys in 3D are deeply immersed in their current unit of inquiry, Sharing the planet. They are inquiring into how the effective management of the water supply can contribute to the survival of plant and animal species. We began our unit by investigating how clean water is essential to sustaining life on our planet, despite it being in relatively short supply. Early on, students took part in a simulation activity where they had to manage a very limited supply of drinking water for a day. As a result, the boys gained an appreciation for just how much we depend on water, as well as for the need to conserve this valuable finite resource.

From their preliminary investigations, students have begun formulating questions that they are personally interested in researching further. Some questions relate to the concept of function, such as how we turn salt water into water we can drink. Other questions relate to the concept of responsibility, such as what our homes and businesses can do to reduce the amount of water they use.

The next phase of our learning will involve conducting these personal inquiries and considering what role we can play in helping to ensure that clean water is available to all who need it. As we approach the completion of our unit, we look forward to incursions by the Water Corporation and Science Alive

Scott Dickson

Year 3 Teacher