18 June 2018


Hello from the Library. I hope you have enjoyed the Easter break and enjoyed quality time with your children and the associated confectionary. I also hope you found some great books to read and certainly welcome any recommendations to add to the adult section of the Junior School Library. I encourage you to have a good chat with you son(s) regarding their reading. Some questions might be:

Who are their favourite authors or illustrators?

  • What books are other boys reading at school?
  • What series are popular with friends or classmates?
  • What books are the classroom teachers reading to the boys at school?
  • When do they like to read at home and how often?

Once you have a conversation you will gain a good understanding of whether they are reading regularly, whether they realize which are the good authors, illustrators and series and whether you feel they need a boost or a recommendation list supplied. Please visit me in the Junior School Library so I can assist your son(s) in reading quality fiction texts.

The boys' made a huge contribution to the Easter Egg and Poster Competition this year. I thank all of the parents for their support.

Warwick Norman

Junior School Teacher Librarian