18 June 2018


Dear Parents and French students

For the last four years a programme has been in place offering the opportunity to young French students aged 15-17 years to discover Australia and its education system for a short stay of 3 weeks. In addition we also now have the opportunity to host for a more extended period of 10 weeks.

We believe such hospitality is highly beneficial for our Modern Languages students, opening their eyes (and ears!) to students of another culture for an extended period. Clearly both options would also allow your son to practise his French in some measure and make a friend of his own age from the Francophone culture.

Short stay option:

We are looking for families willing to host students for the three weeks of their visit. The boys will be part of a larger group of 30 students who spend some week days in their respective schools or go on bus tours of the area. They will usually travel to and from Scotch with your son.

The purpose of the programme is for these French students to experience living with an Australian family, to see how an Australian school operates, to improve their English language skills through this full immersion and to create a strong friendship with their Anglophone peers. The programme is highly successful and both Australians and French students greatly enjoy the exchange. Many families still keep in touch with each other.

The students are fully briefed about the school rules, are not to leave the school premises and will attend classes daily unless there is a tour. They will be fully covered by appropriate insurance. Host families will be visited prior to the arrival by the organiser to explain the programme.

Long stay option:

NACEL Australia have also requested us to host this year.

They have requested host families for students aged 15 or 16 arriving in June for 10 weeks. This would be part of the current term, over the July Holidays and into next term.

Pupils hosted will spend school days with their host student in class, as this is a more independent type of home stay, without an external program of visits.

Expressions of interest:

Please email Ms Sheila McKenna (Scmckenna@scotch.wa.edu.au) or Jonathan Rugg (Jrrugg@scotch.wa.edu.au) if you would like to host this year. Closing date 18 May 2013.

(Please note: Due to timetable restrictions boys may only host a student of their own age, in Years 10 11 or 12.)