18 June 2018

Professional Learning

Fifteen Scotch teachers will attend a two day seminar this weekend conducted by Dr Lynn Erikson. Lynn has assisted schools and districts around the world with curriculum design and instruction. During the past seventeen years she has worked extensively with K-12 teachers and administrators nationally and internationally on the design of concept-based classroom and district level curricula and concept-based instruction. Lynn is a recognized presenter at national conferences in the areas of concept-based curriculum design, teaching for deep understanding, and standards alignment.

The three International Baccalaureate programmes encourage teachers and students to scaffold thinking to deeper levels; to see the difference between an activity and a performance of deep understanding. At Scotch College we continually strive to teach both factual and conceptual knowledge with greater depth and rigour and hence increase motivation for learning. The seminar will provide an opportunity for these teachers to share their own learning and to share with their colleagues on return.