18 June 2018

From the Head of Junior School

So much to look forward to…

As the new term commences, we do so with a renewed sense of excitement and enthusiasm. After a busy and eventful summer, our new term looks to be a time of great progress and promise for the Junior School.

From a curriculum perspective, as a staff we have commenced the term with productive professional development pertaining to being an International Baccalaureate School. Our workshop lead by our Headmaster and Helen Egeberg (Teaching by Design), re-engaged academic staff with the three programmes across the three sub-schools; working together, we actively engaged in professional dialogue as a whole Academic staff, reaffirming our knowledge and understandings of the IB in a whole school context.

From a Library perspective, the boys will be working with Kaye Turner in Library for the first four weeks of term, as Warwick Norman takes on the an acting position of Deputy Head of Junior School - Administration and Pastoral Care. Kaye is enjoying the opportunity to work collaboratively with the Junior School and share in many exciting Units of Inquiry.

In Performing Arts, the Year 5 boys will certainly be very busy preparing for the IPSHA Performing Arts Festival, which is held in June at the Perth Convention Centre.

From a sporting perspective, the boys will be preparing for winter sports, so we can expect to see muddy shoes and wet sports clothes coming home in the school bag! We are also looking forward to our Cross Country Carnival, where every boy will have the opportunity to participate and earn points for his House.

As always, I encourage you to embrace the many opportunities to engage in College life. We will continue to run a range of informative Parent Engagement Workshops this term; if you require any information regarding these sessions, please do not hesitate to contact the Junior School Reception.

Best wishes for the new term!


NAPLAN will take place in Week 2 of the Autumn Term, commencing Tuesday 14 May and concluding on Friday 17 May (catch-up day). The testing will involve all students in Years 3 and 5 and take place in Period 1 and 2 each day. Please contact Junior School Reception should you have any queries pertaining to the testing.


In the Autumn Term all students in Years 1- 5 will be required to wear their full winter uniform commencing in Week 3, Monday 20 May. All students in Years 1 - 5 will have the option to wear either their full summer or full winter uniform in the first two weeks of the Autumn Term.

Full Winter Uniform:

Shirt - White, long sleeved 'business style' shirt
Shorts - Grey melange shorts
Socks - Scotch grey socks, wool mixture
Tie - Scotch school tie
Jumper - Light, grey, long sleeved with Scotch colours
Hat - Blue wide brimmed hat with the school crest and Scotch peaked cap for sport

Winter Sport Uniform:

Year 1-3 Fleecy Scotch navy tracksuit pants and jumper
Year 4-5 Scotch navy parachute tracksuit

Parents are respectfully reminded to ensure their boys wear and bring to school the correct uniform each day. Hair should be neat and off the collar. Your assistance with this request is gratefully appreciated.

Andrea McNally

Acting Head of Junior School