7 May 2018

4L News

The boys in 4L have shown themselves to be excellent inquirers. For the past five weeks, the boys have been learning about supply and demand. We kicked off this inquiry by reading 'The Lorax'. We made connections through literacy to start the boys thinking about the basic notion of supply and demand along with our responsibility as consumers. The boys confidently presented their version of 'the Lorax' at assembly last term. Special thank you goes to the parents who have come in and talked to the boys about supply and demand. This week the boys will further their knowledge and understanding by interviewing small business owners in Claremont to learn more about how the economy works in our local area. The 4L boys are to be commended for their very relevant responses in the summative assessment for 'Who We Are' inquiry; all the boys have learned the benefit of following rubrics and outlines to guide their thinking. The boys are to be commended for improving their writing skills. It is pleasing to see the boys begin to consistently write clear, coherent and correctly punctuated writing pieces. The students of 4L are working to full capacity.

Janet Lopez

4L Teacher