18 June 2018

Family Worship

This coming Sunday we will celebrate our Family Worship in the Chapel at 5.00pm. The service, lasting about 30 minutes, will be followed by an afternoon tea. You could bring a plate of food to share.

Following an Assembly last term a number of people asked for a copy of a poem I read and so I share it with you again. In 'Preparing Boys for Life' it is not so that Scotch gains praise but that each boy achieves for himself the very best he can be and that there is a sense of satisfaction that each of us moves toward becoming what we would love to be. A student of Henri Nouwen shared this with him.


I hope that I will always be for each person

what they need me to be.

I hope that each person's death will diminish me,

but fear of my own

will never diminish my joy of life.

I hope that my love for those whom I like

will never lessen my love

for those I do not.

I hope that another person's love for me

will never be a measure of my love for them.

I hope that every person will accept me as I am,

but that I never will.

I hope that I will always ask forgiveness from others,

but will never need to be asked for my own.

I hope that I will always recognize my limitations,

but that I will construct none.

I hope that loving will always be my goal,

but that love will never be my idol.

I hope that every person will have hope.

May we all strive to be the best that we can be.

Chas Lewis