21 May 2018

Middle School Sport Update

The winter season is upon us and we look forward to another exciting term of winter sport. With the wet weather around, it is important to remind parents that training and fixtures will generally go ahead. Should the conditions become untenable, then a call will be made to cancel sport training and boys will be notified and an email will be sent to parents. In the event that sport is cancelled students will have indoor sessions and must still participate. Boys should not assume training or fixtures is cancelled and not attend. We do our best not to cancel conditions because of the impositions it places. I look forward to seeing you on the sidelines. Please if you do take photographs could you email me them as they are always useful of the School's publications. A reminder to parents, that appointments should be made around training and should a student not be able to compete in a fixture, the school will need to be notified in writing.

Middle School Running Club

Boys and their Parents in Year 6 and Year 7 are welcome to take part in the Running Club on Monday and Thursday mornings meeting at 7.30am at MacKellar Hall steps. Each student is encouraged to build up their endurance and run/jog at their own comfortable pace. This will be useful for building up an aerobic base with which to platform all winter sports and general fitness. Boys will be required to bring their asthmatic equipment along the route.

There will be a choice of distances of 2km, 3km, 4km or 5km routes utilising the running map:


Yellow = 2km, Blue = 3km, Red = 4km & Green = 5km.

Boys will track their distances over the course of the season to measure how far they have travelled and will be awarded prizes along the way for their commitment.

At the conclusion of the session, all boys will congregate at 8.00am outside MacKellar steps and place their pin on the board for the distance completed. Boys may then eat their own breakfast or will be taken up to the Senior School canteen by a teacher to purchase breakfast.

The squad will also get the opportunity to compete in some Perth running races.

We look forward to seeing you!

Lawrence Felgate

Head of Middle School Sport