18 June 2018

Helping Save Our Oceans

Our most recent Humanities and Science topic focused on the concept of 'How can one person have an effect on our oceans'. This is a topic of interest to the majority of our boys who love the ocean for its recreational value. They are now starting to reflect on the knowledge they have gained and are beginning to understand that there is more to learn about oceans, although maybe not as much as the love they have for its recreational value. They are also learning, with some enthusiasm, that the impact of humans on the oceans of the world is not always positive.

The final inquiry task of the topic examined the impact of plastics on the ocean ecosystem. We researched, we watched documentaries, we looked at the rubbish collected from some areas of the Swan River and the Ocean at Port Beach, we discussed, we collaborated and worked quite hard on focusing our thoughts to develop an idea on how we could make a difference to this huge plastic problem. We decided that we needed to educate people about using less disposable plastic because recycling was obviously not working. Let's be creative, let's tell as many people as we can, but how? Something easy, inexpensive that did not involve some huge commitment…after all who has time? So we decided to advertise our ideas on calico shopping bags that displayed a message to get people to change their ways and use less disposable plastic. These messages had to be creative and asked people to be reflective, take a small risk and reduce their use of disposable plastic.

Even if we only get each person in our local areas of Swanbourne and Claremont to use one less piece of disposable plastic each day we would save 11,000 pieces of plastic per day. What if we did this for a year? What if the whole country used one less piece of plastic a day? That would be over 800,000,000 pieces of plastic. How hard can that be…just one piece of plastic each day!

Look at what we created in 7W.

One person can have an effect on our oceans…what about you?

Ms Vicki Ward

Year 7W Teacher