18 June 2018

With the rushing wind filling the house and tongues of fire descending on the faith community at Pentecost, many have asked how this should be interpreted. Certainly the community began to communicate and understand each other. This in turn led to sharing of possessions with those in need.

The Uniting Church has determined that its actions as a result of Pentecost should be directed in service to others, particularly those in need. We speak on behalf of those without a voice and stand by those in their times of need.

This takes courage when society doesn't always agree. Those who often need our voice and support are 'asylum seekers', particularly the children, fire and flood victims, the unemployed and the homeless. Of course there are many more in our community as well.

One of the greatest rewards in sharing is the smile, the smile of those who find they are not alone and the smile of knowing something that cost us changed the lives of others.

When boys participate in Friday afternoon community service or share in a House project, perhaps they stand in the train or bus to offer a seat, they are living out the Pentecost community. These are things that anyone can do.

When boys prepare for a service trip to Tanzania, Cambodia or India they do so with the support of the whole Scotch community, they are part of the Pentecost community.

Pentecost is not just a celebration in a day but a lifetime of service.

Written By: Rev. Chas Lewis