18 June 2018


The boys in the various musical ensembles have been working hard preparing for some big performances later this term and early next term. It was great to hear Big Band One perform at the Senior School Assembly in Week 1 as part of their Tour Report of their trip to Mt Gambier. Concert Band Two also performed brilliantly at the assembly in Week 2. I have heard some great reports of boys performing in the Middle School and Junior School assemblies. Thank you to everyone who provides feedback on the various performances that occur around the school.

There are several events that are coming up which are detailed in other parts of this edition of The Thistle. Please make a note in your diary about three important events. The Annual Kawai Piano Sale coordinated by Snadens Pianos with a Scotch College VIP evening is not to be missed. The Junior and Middle School Autumn Concert to be held in the Dickinson Centre on Friday, 21 June, is a great showcase of the younger musical talent of the school, and the magnificent Jazz Night "Sounds of the 70s" to be presented on Friday 2 August is always a fantastic event.

The Music Department holds a variety of performances for the Scotch College community throughout the year plus events for Scotch College boys and the girls from PLC who participate in Combined Ensembles. Information about upcoming events and contact details are outlined below - A more detailed version of the Music Department's Newsletter can be found by following this link.

https://ishare.scotch.wa.edu.au/groups/thevmdthevirtualmusicdepartment/wiki/a583e/Music_Department_Newsletter.html (Please use your Scotch Parent login.)

Written By: D Coughlan