18 June 2018


Sometimes parents ask what spaces are available for boys who are looking for a quiet place to work after school.

  1. The RESIDENCE is open from Monday to Thursday until 4.45 pm. This is for all boys and is an ideal space for homework completion. There will be a teacher on duty up to this time. There is no need to pre-book a place but the teacher will take note of who attends in case of emergencies. It is advisable to provide a small snack for after school to help with concentration.
  2. The BRC is open Monday to Thursday until 5.00pm and Friday until 4.00pm for students who wish to access resources or who are looking for a quiet space to do homework. A teacher librarian is always on duty to offer help.
  3. YEAR 12 only. There are two rooms, Room 25 and Room 26, available in the main block. One is for quiet work that does allow for some group discussion and the other is for super quiet work where no talking at all is permitted. These are open every day after school. If a boy intends to use either of these rooms, they must notify Ms Skidmore in her office that they are there and the likely time of leaving. Special consideration will be given also to any Year 11 boy who can demonstrate that he has need of a quiet space.
  4. YEAR 12 space under the BRC is open until 5.00pm.