21 May 2018

Art News

It is clearly apparent how linked the learning is here at Scotch College Junior School, when you consider what has taken place over the last week.

Year 1 boys are sharing their discoveries about 'How we express ourselves' through storytelling, between their classroom, the library, the art programme and with their Year 5 buddies. In Art, we have been focusing on indigenous storytelling and how aboriginals tell stories through their artwork.

Year 2 boys are mixing up Science, Art and inquiry learning about how 'Force can be applied to objects to enable movement and make deliberate changes.' They are travelling to Fleur Schell's newly established clay school/studio, the Clay House in North Fremantle; to create a ceramic/mixed media model to demonstrate the boys' understandings of the basic physics of movement through natural and man made forces.

Year 3 boys are discovering 'How the world works' by learning how 'Biodiversity relies on maintaining the interdependent balance of organisms within systems'. A visit to Lake Claremont allowed the boys to apply their knowledge acquired through front loading exercises in Art, finding out about the importance of frogs in a balanced, healthy ecosystem. ILT has also played a major role in this learning.

Year 5 boys, in their quest for learning about 'How symbols are used to unify communication globally', are embarking on an art project to design and create their own Australian symbol, based on the art form of West African, Adinkra symbols. Boys are using their symbol to communicate an IB Attitude or Learner Profile such as integrity or open-mindedness. We hope to print symbols onto calico bags and fill the bags with arts materials, to send to a school in Ghana. At ABA House in Ghana, the students grow their own sugar cane to make paper, bind books and print their Adinkra symbols on them, to sell in order to make enough money to purchase new school supplies. This has inspired us to express our national identity through the Arts and to communicate globally.

Karen Sabitay

PYP Visual Arts