18 June 2018


In March we had our second 5 Year Evaluation of our Middle Years Programme by the International Baccalaureate Organisation. The Evaluation process began 18 months ago with a detailed self-reflection document in which we rated our school's performance against a number of practices within three standards (A - Philosophy, B - Organisation and C - Curriculum). The official Evaluation Visit lasted three days and included interviews with Staff, the School Council, parents and students led by the visiting IBO representatives. There were also tours of the facilities, and classroom observation visits.

After a nervous 8 week wait, we received the final report based on the Visiting Team's findings. We were gratified to find that IBO agreed with our own self-assessments and we were very pleased indeed to receive confirmation that we are doing very well overall with all 3 Standards being rated as "Shows satisfactory development" (there are only two levels of achievement possible; "requires significant attention" or "shows satisfactory development"). Our School Council and parent body were commended for their level of engagement in and knowledge of the programme and, most importantly our school as a whole was noted for providing a "stimulating learning environment based on understanding and respect throughout the school community."

The point of evaluation is that we should be constantly seeking to further improve our performance and areas that could be further enhanced are; connections between different subjects and between school campuses. Our team is already working on this by initiating the first in a series of cross faculty planning sessions to be held after school. In each of these sessions 3 different subject areas will join together to plan units of work that make explicit the connections (in terms of content or skills or concepts) between each learning area.

Our next formal IBO Evaluation is scheduled for March 2018. I am certain that our journey towards even greater self-improvement in the delivery of our programmes will be reflected in the next report. Until then, we have a clear action plan in place to help us ensure that the experiences the boys enjoy, and the international education they receive, are the very best we are able to provide.

Charlotte Cook-Casey

MYP Coordinator

Written By: C Cook-Casey