21 May 2018


All boys can serve their community. Age is not a barrier and all boys in the school are indeed encouraged to serve. While the act of service is central to our Christian origins and therefore a reasonable expectation of our students, we also have a responsibility to teach about service - through service learning. The Year 10 Friday afternoon programme is an example of this. Boys rotate through four blocks of service, of five weeks duration. This provided boys with short exposure to a variety of service activities. While boys select their options, constraints on numbers for some activities means that boys need to have the courage to try other options. The full list of options can be found in the Community and Service Wiki site - linked below.


While the link given is a work in progress, it currently provides some information on overseas service tours and opportunities for service locally. As the site develops it is hoped that it becomes a hub for Community and Service, providing links and hopefully incentive for all boys throughout the school to pursue service activities both on and off campus.