18 June 2018

For the past three weeks, a group of Year 5 boys have been meeting to design and paint props for the upcoming IPSHA Performing Arts Festival performance. The aim was to provide strong visual impact and add aesthetics to the dynamic dance routine. Without giving too much away, the boys have taken inspiration using their laptops, overhead projector and photocopier to transfer African and Hip Hop designs onto huge canvas panels, that will become a backdrop for the Scotch boys item. I would like to acknowledge the action shown by Nicolas Monger-Molowny, Ivan Munoz-Morillo, Rory Bruce, Grayson Downes, Isaac Mecham, James Crawford, Archie Hoddinott and Max Clark. We had challenges, paint splats, chalk crushing and mess but it all came together in the end to create impressive painted panels. Wishing all the best to the Year 5 cohort when they perform their item at the Perth Exhibition and Convention Centre on Wednesday 26 June. I am really looking forward to being in the audience and watching the boys perform.

Karen Sabitay

PYP Visual Arts