21 May 2018

Talking with your children about being bullied

Many children who are bullied do not tell a trusted adult as they think they are dobbing. 'Dobbing' is when a person deliberately tries to get attention or to get someone else into trouble. 'Asking for help' is when someone feels the situation is out of his/her control and he/she is unable to deal with it alone. If anyone sees someone else in this situation they should also ask for help.

What are students being taught at school to help them deal with bullying situations?

All students at our school are being taught that: When I have a problem I can:

- Try to stand up for myself in a positive way.

- Try to talk with the person I am having a problem with.

- Walk away and ignore the person completely.

- Get help from a teacher or another person I trust.

- Ignore the situation and keep playing or working.

- Talk to a friend to get some ideas to help me make a decision.

- Try coming to an agreement with the other person.

You can reinforce these messages by discussing them with your children at home.

Warwick Norman

FS&F Coordinator