18 June 2018

It has been delightful to see the way the boys have responded to the challenge of returning their library books over the past fortnight. Mind you, we have appreciated the parents, both mothers and fathers, visiting the Library to clear up any confusion about particular books. It would be good for the Year 5 boys to check their emails as they receive a message to remind them of their overdue books. During my return to the Junior School Library I have been overwhelmed with the enthusiasm of the boys for borrowing and enjoying books. Mr Norman has purchased many new and exciting titles, both fiction and non-fiction. Some of the books of interest are:

Staying Safe Online by Sally Lee

Languages of the World: Bengali, Urdu, Mandarin, Hindi

Global Cultures: African Culture, Indian Culture, Islamic Culture, Japanese Culture

Children's Quick and Easy Cook Book

Junior MasterChef Cook Book

World Crafts and Recipes: Japan, China

There are also many new fiction titles and we welcome parents to come, browse and borrow with their son before and after school. The parent reading collection may also catch your interest.

Kaye Turner

Junior School Teacher Librarian