18 June 2018

The question above is one asked frequently by parents - and boys themselves. While there are opportunities to serve the community offered within Junior, Middle and Senior schools curricular and co-curricular activities, many boys undertake service independently of school. This is to be commended and encouraged. Two organisations that have been given some publicity in the press recently are 'Kids Who Give' http://www.kidswhogivewa.com.au/getinvolved/ and 'So They Can'. http://www.sotheycan.org . Both these organisations promote service and offer advice on how to get started on an independent service project. We want Scotch boys to make a difference, recognizing a need - then having the courage to do something about it.

Other service sites which are useful in finding independent service activities are 'Friends of Lake Claremont' http://friendsoflakeclaremont.org and 'Volunteering WA'


City of Nedlands Planting Sessions

The Friends of Allen Park are holding two planting days through winter to help restore and protect the bushland and provide vital habitat for the fauna of the bushland. Click here for further details.