18 June 2018

Friends of the Lake

For the many years Scotch College Middle School has been involved with the Friends of Lake Claremont (FOLC). FOLC is a community organisation established and run by local residents all of whom are volunteers. The organisation's mission is to assist in the conservation and enhancement of Lake Claremont, which is situated right in Scotch's backyard!

The organisation aims to plant 83,000 seedlings this year as part of its native plant re-vegetation program. Once again, we have decided that we have a responsibility to help in this ongoing project, so all classes and teachers in the Middle School will be pulling on their gumboots and gardening gloves and getting to work!

Last week boys from 7L took a walk around the lake to see some of the areas that boys planted in last year. It was evident that the hard work has started to pay off with many plants flourishing and the rehabilitation effort evident.

We are really looking forward to getting involved in 2 weeks' time. It is great to be able to put something back in to our local community so that people can continue to enjoy this beautiful area for a long time to come.

Ms Lana Schorer

Teacher 7L