18 June 2018


All boys have received personalised examination timetables via their House Heads, however they can receive a replacement timetable from Mrs Murray in Student Services or Mrs Turner in Academic Services. Parents are reminded that boys need not attend school when they do not have an examination. Written permission is required, via the form already emailed home. If your son is going to be absent for any exams, please notify seniorschool@scotch.wa.edu.au as early as possible. Most examination sessions will begin with 20 minutes (or more) of quiet revision time and boys should come well prepared for this. They should also bring some reading material, should they complete their exam early.

Boys should note the following:

  • They are to provide their own stationery and this should be brought in a clear plastic bag
  • Water bottles are most welcome, but should be clear plastic
  • The room for any exams not in the Dickinson Centre
  • Calculators and protractors are required for Mathematics and Science exams
  • All boys eligible for Special Examination Conditions will sit their exams in room M24

Mr B Watson, Curriculum Administrator