18 June 2018


Supporting Children After Separation - Holiday Workshops

Anglicare offers four different psycho-educational workshops designed for children and young people whom have experienced family separation. These workshops run during the school holidays and are two hours in length. The workshops are grouped into age groups with one being 8-11 and the other is 12-15.

Separation Info Kids Style:

  • Provide an opportunity for children to learn about separation and provide them a general understanding of the legal side to separation.
  • Aims to introduce children to different services, normalise feelings around separation, promote healthy expression of feelings, encourage support networks, provide information on why parents separate, explain some terminology used in the court setting and provide children an opportunity to meet other children in similar circumstances.

Being in a Step Family:

  • Assists children with the changes that occur from becoming a step family such as gaining skills to have respectful relationships with step parents/siblings.
  • Aims to normalise feelings, reduce feelings of isolation, provide support and explore issues that are relevant to step-families and the new roles in the family it entails.

Living under Fire:

  • Provides children with the skills to better manage conflict experienced either by them-selves or others.
  • Aims to provide children an understanding of conflict, thoughts and feelings triggered by conflict, reactions to conflict, staying safe, being assertive and children's rights.

It's not my fault

  • Educates children about healthy relationships and provide an understanding of why some relationships break down.
  • Aims to deepen children's understanding of types of relationships, boundaries and why relationships break down and develops children's skills to communicate effectively such as problem solving and listening skills.

To register please call 9263 2104.

Web: www.anglicarewa.org.au