18 June 2018

Being balanced in ones approach to life has been a quest for many. It has not always been easy to find. The pressures and pulls of life's commitments can make it challenging at times.

The IB learner profile identifies ten key traits they believe a life long learner must demonstrate. One of these is Balanced: They understand the importance of intellectual, physical and emotional balance to achieve personal well-being for themselves and others.

I have been most impressed with the balance many of our boys have in their life in and out of school. They are able to achieve well academically while excelling in the arts and/or sports. This is no small feat. The pressure to succeed and prepare for a long term goal can weigh on even the youngest boy. At Scotch we offer a balance to the boys' education. We scaffold and differentiate their learning to assist all boys to succeed. Through our approach to inquiry learning, we cater to the diverse range of learning styles and interests. Cultures are explored and languages learned. We provide an enriched curriculum through classes and clubs, providing opportunities in visual arts, performing arts, instrumental lessons, sport coaching and competition for both individuals and team pursuits.

We work to provide a balance of opportunities for all who attend Scotch College. I applaud the boys who have, in their first five years in the College, been able to find a balance in their learning and life. Being able to find areas to develop their talents, skills and intellect while exploring their passions is something to celebrate. The support of parents and extended family is key to this success. The encouragement that goes along with this and the value placed on a balance to life greatly assists our boys in working towards this goal.

Mr John Stewart
Head of Junior School