18 June 2018

The new Studio is finally in action! Boys have started to bring their Art Folders and Visual Diaries over, ready to share their learning in Week 2 for Student Led Conferences. By walking in your son's shoes, as they move between classes like French, PE, Performing Arts, Visual Arts and classrooms you can experience the links between the areas of learning. I look forward to welcoming everyone into the new Studio, as we prepare for a busy Term with a number of exhibitions including:

  • The Clay House Exhibition on Wednesday 14 August, showcases the work of the Year 2 students making authentic links between science, art and technology. It takes the learning in and out of the classroom and allows boys varied opportunities for exploration and inquiry.
  • The Year 1 to 12 Inspirations Exhibition on Wednesday 11 September, offers a snap shot, showcasing the range of artistic opportunities offered to boys at Scotch College from Year 1 to 12.
  • PYP Exhibition Wednesday, 18 September, showcases the work of Year 5 students, representing a celebration of the five years of inquiry learning with transdisciplinary links developed throughout the PYP Programme.

Karen Sabitay
PYP Visual Arts