18 June 2018

The Junior School celebrated learning in a very dynamic and constructive way with the recent Student Led Conferences (SLCs). I have been involved in several versions of SLCs over the years and it is my reflection that the format I experienced last week was one of the best. As an IB school with a holistic approach to educating boys, I was both impressed and excited with the College's commitment to highlighting each of the single subject areas; Art, Physical Education, Performing Arts and French, alongside classroom learning.

SLCs are an integral part of our reporting process and give the students an opportunity to take responsibility for actively leading in the sharing and reflection of their learning. SLCs also bring together the Scotch learning community. Thank you to all those parents who were able to join in the sharing and celebrations and for the feedback, which has been overwhelmingly positive. A special thank you to the boys for their active engagement and enthusiasm in this process.

Ms Kathy Derrick
Deputy Head of Junior School - Curriculum