18 June 2018


The Year 6s are currently creating ceramic vessels in the style of the red and black ancient Greek narrative vessels. We have discussed about how there were NO plastic containers back in 500BC and the handmade ceramic vessels were used to transport and store many everyday items like rice, wine, oils and cosmetics. The boys have learnt how the terracotta clay vessels are handmade carefully and patiently coil by coil. Their own personal stories will be inscribed on their traditionally glazed final piece.

The Year 7s are working on Picasso inspired Cubist styled self-portraits. First we discussed and explored the use of the left and right sides of the brain, and participated in contour drawing exercises. After that we drew line versions of the self-portrait using a handheld mirror whilst learning about the proportion and symmetry of the face. The boys' self-portraits were developed from photographs taken of each boy from several angles and there were many laughs as the boys have enjoyed creating the 3D collage distortions of their faces. The completed A3 paintings will be a sight to behold.

Look out for the fabulous Inspirations Art Exhibition opening on Wednesday 11 September at 6.30pm in the Dickinson Centre. This is a great evening were you can see a snapshot of the artwork produced at Scotch from Year 1 - Year 12.

Late last term we welcomed Ms Lucinda Hill to the Middle School Art Department as our new Art Technician. Ms Hill is enjoying the challenge and demands of the job. She has been very impressed with the polite and thoughtful reception she has received from the Middle School boys.

Lastly I would like to thank the Middle School Community for their well wishes and the advice received in regards to the upcoming birth of my baby. I am very appreciative of the number of permissions from boys allowing me to use their name for my child. I look forward to spending the next three weeks saying my goodbyes and gaining valuable advice on Motherhood.

Mrs Katie Frampton

Middle School Art Teacher