18 June 2018


Over the last two weeks and in particular the long weekend many teachers have accessed exciting professional learning opportunities. These include:

  • Mr Rugg attended the Asia Education Foundation Programme in Melbourne and returned inspired to forge stronger links between Scotch College and the Asian community
  • Mr Burt and Ms Mullin also travelled to Melbourne to a workshop titled 'Enhancing Pastoral Care & Student Wellbeing in School'
  • Mrs Menage attended the third National conference on Teaching & Supporting Students with Special Needs
  • Mr Hildebrandt, Mr Duncan, Mr Foster and Mr Adeline attended State conferences of the Geography and Mathematics Associations
  • Mr Bennett, Mr Bradley, Mr Menage and Mrs Freitag attended the Leaders Symposium run by the Australian Boarding Schools Association
  • Seven of our Arts staff attended MYP and DP workshops in Singapore
  • Five support staff attended an Apple workshop to investigate the use of iPads in their area with four more working on challenge based learning for the enrichment programme
  • Five staff attended an AISWA Australian Curriculum forum on the General Capabilities
  • Five Junior School staff attended the Big Write and VCOP workshop with others attending programmes on developing leaders in schools, skills development and subject specific workshops

Ms Skidmore