7 May 2018

On Wednesday 14 August, from 6.00 to 7.00 pm, Year 2 students and their families met at The Clay House in North Fremantle to celebrate the accomplished ceramic/mixed media robots made by the boys. The class has been going to the new clay studio every second week over the term, to be hands-on with artist Fleur Schell. In alternate weeks in the Art Studio the boys were drawing sketches, sharing ideas and learning, reflecting and planning to continue with the design cycle.

The results were varied and creative and showcased the boys' ability to achieve a set goal. This was to produce a 3D model with movable parts that moved by either natural or man-made forces. It was gorgeous to be able to come together as a community and share our learning in such a meaningful and exciting way. Special thanks to Fleur and her family, Mrs Clancy and her family, Mrs McNally, Mr Stewart and all the parents who assisted with the clay creations or took photographs, supervised writing and drawing activities in class or attended the evening. The boys had a wonderful experience and audience for their artwork.

Karen Sabitay
PYP Visual Arts