18 June 2018

Thank You from the Dunalley Community

At the last Middle School Assembly we received an unexpected visitor in Joanne Curren from Dunalley in Tasmania. Joanne was in Perth on other business and took the opportunity to drop in on behalf of the community of Dunalley and say Thank You for the money our boys raised but more importantly to say thanks for the care and compassion extended to her community in a time of great hardship and need. In a captivating presentation that gave us an insider's look at the terror that is an Australian bushfire Joanne's final slide meant a lot to us.

Year 7 Community Service Programme

Over the last four weeks of this term most of our Year 7 boys will be involved in a series of local community service activities including; working, performing or contributing at the Riversea Nursing Home, St Luke's Community Garden, the Swan River Trust or with Coast Care. In addition boys will be working on producing a series of simple picture books to support the students in schools the College visits in Tanzania, India, Cambodia and Bali. The enthusiasm we have seen from the boys to help and serve others is heartening and inspiring.

Middle School Staff Changes

This week we say farewell to Mrs Katie Frampton who goes on Maternity Leave from Week 9. We look forward to hearing the news of a new baby born in the Arts fraternity sometime in the next six weeks. We warmly welcome Mrs Jo Walden to Middle School who will be replacing Mrs Frampton in both the Art and Cooking classes during this time.

Richard Ledger

Head of Middle School