18 June 2018

Middle School Sport Update

The annual Middle School Inter-House Athletics Carnival saw all boys compete in an action packed day full of events. The weather was mostly kind and allowed for some fierce competition in the track and field events. Two records fell in the field events thanks to the efforts of Benjamin Gale 6C and Joshua Hook 7L at the Turbo Javelin. At the track, a 22 year old record fell to Peter Stulpner 7G 100m who clocked an astonishingly 12.71s. Thanks must go to all the staff for all their contributions on the day. Final standings were:

1st: Robert

2nd: Andrew

3rd: Gordon

4th: David

5th: Bruce

6th: James

Year 7 House Champion Boy: Joshua Hook

Year 7 House Runners-up: Daniel Walker

Year 6 House Champion Boy: Jesse McDonald

Year 6 House Runners-up: Oscar Grant

As a result the following boys will be competing this week at the JPSSA (Year 6) Inter School Carnival on Thursday 12 September and PSSA (Year 7) Inter School Carnival the following day. We wish them the best of luck and encourage any support:

Year 6 Inters Squad: O. Grant, J. McDonald, L. Fry, B. Steinberg, T. Bennett. M. Moore, L. Triglavcanin, L. Allan, B. Gale, G. Evans, O. Armstrong

Year 7 Inters Squad: L. Mulvay, J. Hook , G. Mitchell , C. Lindsay , K. Lines , N. Crump , J. Prior , J. Knobel , A. Brenz-Verca , A. Payne , C. Enslin , J. Cooley , M. Locke , M. Murphy, W. Riekie, C. O'Sullivan , W. Harkins , S. Eastland , J. Dobson, , J. Carrigg , S. Szalek , M. Moffatt , P. Stulpner , B. Skelton, D. Manetas , C. Bulleid , T. Lewin , L. Beeson, F. Payne

State School Cross-Country Champions

Tuesday 13 August saw 15 athletes from Years 5, 6 and 7 compete at the State School Cross-Country Championships held at UWA Sports Park. The event was so popular amongst the WA schools that over 1500 competitors fielded the event. The Year 7 division consisting of Arthur Payne, Cooper Lindsay, Daniel Walker, Connor Enslin, Laine Mulvay and Matthew Murphy performed astonishingly winning the overall Year7 boys division. The Year 6 boys, consisting of Luca Fry, Benji Steinberg, Cormac Taylor, Jesse Macdonald and Mathew Moore, competed in a tough race and finished in credible positions in the top 60 competitors achieving personal best times.

Special congratulations to Luca Fry for finishing third in his race allowing him to go to the Nationals whilst Arthur Payne, Cooper Lindsay and Daniel Walker, will also have a chance to qualify in the coming months.

As a result of the placements in Year 5, 6 and 7 Scotch College won the overall Champion school in the boys division. The results speak of Scotch's great athletic prowess in the PSA division. Congratulations to the team on their outstanding performance.

Year 7 Gymnastic Performances

Next week will see the Year 7s showcase their movement composition pieces through Gymnastics in Health and Physical Education. We encourage parents to come and watch at the following times and see the displays:

Mon 16 Sept: MS Gymnastics Performance 7G (9am), MacKellar Hall

Tues 17 Sept: MS Gymnastics Performance 7S (9am), MacKellar Hall

Wed 18 Sept: MS Gymnastics Performance 7PG (10:25am), 7T (1:15pm), MacKellar Hall

Thurs 19 Sept: MS Gymnastics Performance 7W (10:25am), MacKellar Hall

Fri 20 Sept: MS Gymnastics Performance 7L (11:25am), MacKellar Hall

Lawrence Felgate

Head of Middle School Sport