18 June 2018


On August 21 the Year 12 Physics boys participated in an Australia wide teleconference on astrophysics. Dr James Allison of the ARC Centre of Excellence for All-Sky Astrophysics presented The Monster Footprints in the Invisible Universe. The pace and depth of the content were at a level that allowed the boys to integrate what they have learnt in the Physics programme, and their inquiring minds were ignited by the more esoteric aspects of the discipline.

The feedback from teachers is that it was an immensely rewarding event, both for the boys and the teachers. The opportunity to meet and interact with specialists improves learning and also generates considerable excitement and interest in the material presented. There will be several more opportunities to interact with the All-Sky Astrophysics group, as well as other research groups, and the Scotch boys are keen to participate.

Scotch is fortunate to be in a position to provide such rewarding experiences for the boys through its technology focus. Our high-speed network, dialup videoconferencing facilities and high-resolution cameras and screens provide for learning experiences that are first-rate.