18 June 2018


Parents can access the 2013-14 booklist information through the Parental Connect portal, as shown below (connect.scotch.wa.edu.au)

parent portal

Every effort has been made to keep costs as low as possible. Where suitable and readily available, digital textbooks have been used in order to achieve this goal. Digital textbooks are purchased by Scotch College and the cost charged to your account.

Instructions on how to order books online, along with delivery options, are set out at the front of the booklists. Parents also have the opportunity to purchase books in person, details of which are set out below.

If you would like to check your son's allocation of subjects prior to purchasing stationery, please click on the following link: https://webapps.scotch.wa.edu.au/academic/Subjects.aspx . If you experience any difficulties accessing the above site, or have forgotten your username or password, please email Scotch College IT department direct on helpdesk@scotch.wa.edu.au, who will assist with any issues.

For all students currently at Scotch College in Year 7 2013, entering into Year 8 in 2014, it is necessary to purchase ALL stationery items on the booklist, apart from one of the language options and the Specialist Music option - please see below for clarification.

  • Language Option
    • All students from Scotch College Middle School will continue (Stage 2) with the language choice made when joining the College and should purchase the Stage 2 option of the chosen language.
    • All NEW students to Scotch College in Year 8 2014 will already have advised the College of their chosen language and level of ability and should purchase accordingly
    • Specialist Music Option (This is not extra-curricular musical instrument lessons, which should be discussed and arranged with the Music Department direct)
      • Unless Specialist Music has been specifically requested, items for this subject should NOT be purchased (all other non-Specialist Music students should purchase both the Art and Music General stationery)
      • For students who HAVE chosen the Specialist Music Programme, it is necessary to purchase these items, but, it is NOT necessary to purchase the Art stationery, or Music General stationery.

For those of you who wish to purchase books in person, we are hosting a Campions Bookshop at Scotch College, in the Dickinson Centre on Saturday 12 October and Monday 14 October. The shop will be open between 9am and 4pm.

  • Please note that Year 8 2014 books will NOT be sold at this time
    • Year 8 2014 books can be pre-ordered on-line with Campions and will be dispatched during the week ending 6 December 2013, if ordered by 11 November 2013.

Year 8 2014 Booklist

Year 9 2013-14 Booklist

Year 10 2013-14 Booklist

Year 11 2013-14 Booklist

Year 12 2013-14 Booklist

IB 2013-14 Booklist


Prior to the closing date for ordering on line with Campions, a second hand book sale, for current Year 7 to 10 students and/or parents who wish to purchase second-hand books, will take place on Tuesday, 24 September, between 3.30pm and 5pm in the Memorial Hall at Scotch College.

  • Students currently in Years 8-11 may sell books they no longer require.
  • Buyers will be students entering into Years 8-11 at the start of the next academic year, October 2013 for current Years 8-11 and February 2014 for current Year 7s.
  • The School will provide the venue and the opportunity for buyers and sellers to meet.
  • Current Year 12s will still be using their books until late November, at which time the new Year 12s will be well into their course and have purchased their texts. Therefore, NO second hand sale will be organised by Scotch College for students entering into Year 12 in 2013-14.