7 May 2018

September 14th: Year 12 Mothers' Sleepover at Moray

Thankyou Susan and Fran for organising the upcoming sleepover. I am sure it will be enjoyed by those who are attending and we look forward to seeing some photo's on the MA Intranet page. To all those attending, have fun!

October 18th: March Out Morning Tea

We are looking for volunteers to help out on the morning of March Out. If you can spare anytime between the hours of 0900 hours and 1300 hours could you please email Sonia - soniamwee@gmail.com

October 22nd: Orientation Day

The morning tea on the lawns of The Residence will also be requiring some help on the day. If you can come along from 0830 hours please contact Sonia - soniamwee@gmail.com

All Senior School Reps are looking for volunteers to take over their role for 2014. If you are interested could you please contact your year rep or Clair - clairstanley@iinet.net.au

It would be great to have a handover period in term 4 of the reps, and that way we can get the MA Handbook published upon start of 2014.

We are looking for a Vice President for MA for 2014. If you think you might be interested in this role and wish to hear more please contact Clair - clairstanley@iinet.net.au

Please save the date November 15th - we will be needing lots of hands for our ValedictoryWorkshop. It doesn't require any craft skills, and is usually a lovely social morning getting a few booklets together.

Our final meeting for 2013 is Monday October 21, 0900 hours in the Dining Room. This meeting will be immediately followed by a Thank You Morning Tea for all parents of Year 12 boys. It's our chance to thank them for everything they have done at the School over the years and to bid farewell to those who are leaving.

Clair Stanley

President, MA