18 June 2018

Continuing a long tradition, the OSC sponsors the annual PC Anderson scholarship, awarded to a year 11 student who is the son or grandson of an OSC. The scholarship is judged on an "all-round" basis, and the boys who apply need to demonstrate their achievements in sports, community & extra-curricular involvement, academics, leadership & citizenship, as well as their affiliation with the Old Scotch Collegians in their life.

I have been privileged, last week, to sit on the interview panel along with Headmaster, Dr. Alec O'Connell and Director of Marketing & Business Development, Kate Quinn, for what I found to be a most exacting task of selecting the winner.

I'm proud to announce on behalf of The Old Scotch Collegians that the winner of the P C Anderson Scholarship was James Walsh, who is Rex Langmead's grandson. The W R Dickinson Scholarship was awarded to Reece Grant.

It was not an easy task determining which boy to award the scholarships to, as the standard of applicants was simply exemplary, and it was astonishing to meet these self-assured, thoughtful, intelligent young men. Today's leaders had better lift their game, if they are to meet the standards these fine blokes set themselves.

Again, I wish to reiterate how impressed I have been by this year's PC Anderson Scholarship applicants. It has been a pleasure to spend time with these great young men, and I was overwhelmed by their thoughtfulness, their composure and their individual drive as evidenced by their personal achievements - only outweighed by the future challenges that they are setting for themselves.

Together with his impressive resume across the board, I am confident that James Walsh represents the all-roundedness that the Old Scotch Collegians are looking for, not just in their PC Anderson Scholarship recipient, but as an ambassador within the school community for our organisation, as well as a fine example of the kind of the model OSC citizen.

Michael Silbert

OSC President