7 May 2018


Tim Andrew (Year 10, Ross) has been selected for the WA U/15 state hockey team. He goes to Darwin during the holidays.


Pipe Major Riley Aitken Cameron

Pipe Sergeant Harry Wiffen Anderson

President Reid Arnold Anderson

Pipe Corporal Lewis Buchanan Anderson

Pipe Corporal Harry Washington Keys

Pipe Corporal Reid Arnold Anderson

Lance Corporal Piper Max Zamin St Andrews

Lance Corporal Piper Evan Ledger St Andrews

Lance Corporal Piper Harry Bantock Ferguson

Drum Major Nick Steinepreis Cameron

Drum Sergeant (Snare) Erlend Cross Shearer

Drum Sergeant (Bass) Harry Hoft Ross

Drum Corporal (Snare) Oliver Pope Keys

Drum Corporal (Snare) Hayden Dick Keys

Drum Corporal (Snare) Sean Kilpa Cameron

Drum Corporal (Bass) Robert Steadman Keys

Lance Corporal Drummer Kayle Worth Stuart

Lance Corporal Drummer Alex Weeda Shearer

Lance Corporal Drummer Tom Holland Keys


The following boys are to be congratulated on their fine performance in the 2013 University of New South Wales science in schools competition. This is an international competition with over 40 000 students sitting. A high distinction is awarded to the top 1% of candidates and four of our students reached this high standard. They were:

Kartik Khanna (Year 8, Shearer)

Raghav Khanna (Year 8, Shearer)

Chase Deitner (Year 9, Anderson)

Vaughn Chin (Year 10, Ferguson)

Distinctions were awarded to the top 10% of students sitting the exam and this year, 14 students reached this high standard. They were:

Griffin Mathias (Year 8, Shearer)

Bailey Vanderzanden (Year 8, Ferguson)

Lewis Weeda (Year 8, Shearer)

Jack Couzens (Year 8, Brisbane)

Christian Kyriakou (Year 8, Stuart)

Bryce Jersing (Year 8, Stuart)

Andrew Burvill (Year 8, Shearer)

Sidarth Bhargavan (Year 8, Shearer)

Hugo Coulson (Year 9, Shearer)

Alex Eliott-Lockhart (Year 9, Alexander)

Angus MacLeod (Year 9, Shearer)

James Naylor Pratt (Year 9, Anderson)

Angus Warman (Year 9, Brisbane)

Harrison Gardiner (Year 10, Keys)