18 June 2018

Sharing resources can challenge communities to consider different perspectives

The 2013 Year 5 Exhibition was a tremendous success and a fabulous way for the boys, teachers and parents to share and celebrate learning. Congratulations to all Year 5 boys - you should all be very proud of yourselves.

Below are some of the reflections that were shared on the Exhibition day. If you would like to read more of the reflections or add one (it's not too late), the display is in the hallway in the Junior School library.

"Boys and staff: Every one of you should be really proud of your amazing efforts. Today you all demonstrated a wonderful energy, enthusiasm and professionalism about your work. Most of all, I love your sense of community - you all make me smile."

"What a wonderful experience. This is really exciting education - a far cry from a generation ago."

"Incredible effort from all Year 5 boys. A real 'stop, take a breath, and think' Exhibition. Fantastic!"

"Just amazing. What fabulous efforts from all the boys. We're definitely creating thinkers for our future. Well done."

"All the Year 5 boys have done an amazing job with the Exhibition. We have learnt so much by walking through all the projects and having the boys share their knowledge with us. Save water! Less commercial fishing! Sustainable gardens! GREAT!"

"That was AMAZING! Congratulations, you are one bright bunch of boys!" …….We couldn't agree more!

People's beliefs, passions and life experiences often lead to action

Kathy Derrick

Deputy Head of Junior School - Curriculum