7 May 2018

In a week that has seen exhibitions go up and come down, a great deal of activity and learning has taken place. Boys have had the opportunity to see a range of artwork and have been keen to share and discuss their favourite pieces. It is great to be inspired by others. A group of boys on Tuesday afternoon have also been meeting in the Art Studio and designing their own logos for the 'Doodle4Google' Competition. The theme this year was "If I was an explorer I would…" Great diversity came from this topic including boys exploring themes such as underwater, the world of ants, alien forces, beautiful bugs, all the fun at the fair, dangerous dinosaurs, warriors of the universe, exhibition of lights, island exploration, puppy perspective, juicy burgers, future places, machinery and me. Boys' creativity never ceases to amaze and inspire me. Please visit and see the fantastic end designs displayed in the library area. Well done to all the boys for taking part in this club and for reaching the deadline and submitting fantastic entries. Good luck with the competition!

Karen Sabitay

PYP Visual Arts