7 May 2018

God's Glory Humanities Dignity.

The Uniting Church sets aside September to remind us that our earth is a gift to be treated properly. To fail to do so will mean the lowering of available resources in the future and a diminishing of the natural beauty of nature.

In the recent political climate and the ongoing debate of whether the carbon tax is a viable concept or whether the earth is just responding to its natural cycle, we sometimes lose sight of the basic need to be responsible in using and sharing what we have.

Psalm 8, a psalm that was recited by the astronauts as they looked back from their space capsule toward earth highlights their feelings. They were in awe of earth's beauty and at the same time aware of humanities responsibilities.

"When I look at the sky, which you have made, what is humanity that you think of it? You appointed them to rule over everything you made.

Sobering thought if 'rule' means 'taking responsibility'.

Chas Lewis