7 May 2018

Welcome back to Spring Term. Given how quickly last term went I have no doubt that this term will appear to disappear before our very eyes.

Week one of this term is always a very poignant and busy one as we held the final assembly for our Year 12 Leavers followed by what was simply an extraordinary turn out at March Out. Of all the staff who have witnessed March Outs throughout the years, Mr Freitag is in a good position to comment on the number of attendees. Assembly saw us with standing room only for the first time and this was followed by the massive turn out at the Memorial Oval and the Gooch Pavilion for what I believe is the most significant day in our calendar. It is significant because it is one of the very few opportunities we get to gather as a whole school. To see our Junior School and Middle School students watching with eyes of aspirant leaders is something to behold. Congratulations to all those involved in making March Out such a special day; in particular to the boys for the way they represented our College.

You will notice that we have reverted back to the old format for Thistle. Although we had requests for our newsletter to have more of a website interface, it simply did not work for most people; including me. We have, therefore, reverted to a document where parents can scroll through the whole newsletter and still select parts if they so desire. Constructive feedback is always welcome at Scotch and I thank those who took the time to forward their feedback last term.

Last week we uploaded our new website. The website is the public face of our College; as such it is one of our major marketing arms through which to share our stories and give prospective families a sense of who we are and for what we stand. For current parents home.scotch.wa.edu.au is the place where you will continue to access most of what you require. This can also be entered via the 'Current Parent' tab on the new site. A web site is not an end point. It is a living and vibrant space that should be enhanced and developed on an ongoing basis. We welcome any ideas from the community as to additions or future enhancements.

Once again welcome back and I wish to extend a special welcome to families who have joined us for the first time. I trust your time at Scotch is filled with life giving moments and great memories.

Dr A J O'Connell