18 June 2018

Life in Ancient Egypt

From the start of this term the boys of 7PG have been studying Ancient Egypt as a part of their iLearn subject. The boys are investigating the way ancient civilizations rose to power and the features of their day-to-day life in order to better understand the present and form the future of our society.

The boys have fully engaged with the theme and are enjoying the opportunity to research topics of their choice and find out more about different aspects of ancient life such as mummification, the god and goddesses and the pharaohs.

Currently boys are performing a Science experiment at home. The idea is that they have to choose a substance to mummify a beef sausage with and comment and observe the effectiveness of their chosen substance.

Finally the boys are also gearing up to create a class documentary on the various aspects of life in Ancient Egypt.

Mr Peter Gaspar

Teacher 7PG