18 June 2018

4L News

Investigating Inventions

This term the boys of 4L have all been working extremely well. They have embraced our current unit of inquiry on How the World Works whole-heartedly. Our class immersion table is full of wonderful items relating to inventions both old and new, as the boys have enthusiastically shared their knowledge of inventions and made connections to the central idea. One of our formative tasks for the inquiry was to design an outline to help them collect data and information about a famous inventor. It is fantastic to witness the improvement all the boys have made throughout the year as they proudly created well-organised graphic organisers. As part of the task the boys are also writing a biography, and the standard of writing is excellent! It is very exciting to see the boys use sophisticated punctuation to enhance their writing. Congratulations to the 4L boys for working to full capacity at all times.

Janet Lopez

Year 4 Teacher