18 June 2018

Thank you for the positive feedback regarding our return to the old format of our newsletter. While we have maintained the new look and feel, the desire to scroll and read all articles has been well received.

This time of the year is very busy for staff and students, especially those who have commenced their final exams. Because of the size of our College and the number of students enrolled in particular WACE subjects, the Dickinson Centre is used by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority as one of its examination centres. Consequently over the exam period you may well see a variety of school uniforms at Scotch. The reason for this is that students from other schools and colleges are sometimes allocated Scotch as their examination venue. The College does not direct this in anyway nor select which schools use the centre. It is a common practice that also results in some of our own students taking exams off site at other exam centres. This is just another example of the logical sharing of resources and support of each other across the state education sector. Scotch families with a boy requiring them to attend another venue for their exams were made aware of this by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority before the commencement of their exams.

The early move into the new Middle School has been a real bonus for our students and staff. However, it now means that the second phase of our building project has commenced a lot earlier than planned. On the 11 November we will commence the demolition of some of the old buildings. This will necessitate the removal of the materials resulting from the demolition. Once we have a schedule for this work we will let the College community and neighbours know how this will effect movement and parking around the school. Phase one of the project went extremely smoothly as a result of the understanding showed by everyone. I thank you in anticipation of your ongoing support with this exciting phase of development for Scotch College.

Once again I ask everyone to keep our Year 12s who are sitting the WACE and IB Diploma exams in your thoughts and prayers. I know how well the boys have been prepared and trust they will approach each exam with confidence.

Dr A J O'Connell