7 May 2018

Junior School Resource Centre

Hello from the Library. If you visit the Junior School or Middle School library today you may be lucky enough to bump into the newest member of the team. Her name is Kendra Mewett and she loves to read, when not climbing the cliffs of our beloved coastline. When visiting the library next please say hello to Kendra and help her to feel welcomed as the newest member to the Scotch community.

We have several new displays in the library now. There are the top ten picks for the Years 3, 4 and 5 students as voted by the boys (Years 1 and 2 to appear soon). There is the collection of 'It Came from the Bottom Shelf', which is based on The Creature from the Black Lagoon story and books that are lost on the bottom shelf. In the Browse Room we have included our 'New Books' collection that is updated weekly. Finally you will find wall press buttons that help to unlock the secrets of the library displayed around the library walls (they need to be seen to be believed).

Below I have placed some good reads for your boys (and you) to enjoy. These are new books to the collection and may be just the tonic to calm the nerves, ease the minds and allow for a little escape time. Enjoy!

Years 1 & 2:

Hey Jack series by Sally Rippin

The Wind in the Willows graphic novel by Kenneth Grahame

Lego Hero Factory series by Catherine Saunders

Space Scout by H Badger

Tom Gates series by L Pichon

Years 3 to 5:

I am Number 4 by Pittacus Lore

The Nightmare Academy by Dean Lorey

George and the Big Bang by Lucy and Steven Hawking

The Magnificent 12 series by Michael Grant

Max Rumble Footy collection by Michael Wagner

Warwick Norman

Junior School Teacher Librarian