18 June 2018

Opening of the Middle School

Last week we celebrated the opening of our new Middle School building. Such moments are very rare and I would like to thank everyone involved in making stage one so successful. I would especially like to acknowledge our Chair of Council, Mr Richard Goyder AO, who officially opened the building. At the end of this year Richard will be stepping down as our Chair of Council. His oversight and governance of Council throughout the planning and implementation phase of the project has been invaluable. At the completion of stage two there will be an official opening for the whole College to celebrate and acknowledge everyone involved in the bringing both stages to a successful conclusion. We envisage this will take place sometime after July 2014.

Earlier this year the College applied to become part of the Round Square group of schools. The application process included a written submission as to how we fitted the ideals of the association. As a result of a successful first stage application, a panel consisting of two Round Square Heads from overseas and within Australia then visited us. I am very pleased to inform the community that last week we received formal notification that our application was successful.

The Round Square organisation comprises a group of more than 100 schools around the world that share a common belief in the importance of internationalism, democracy, environmental education, outdoor education, student leadership and service (IDEALS). Round Square is an exceptionally good fit for our school. The reason for applying for membership was that the six pillars of the round square association provide an umbrella framework for all of the co-curricular and other non-subject specific activities that Scotch does so well.

The benefits of joining Round Square for Scotch include:

  • Membership of an international organisation that values investment in experiential structures built around the curriculum
  • Illuminating the structural cross-beams which already give strength to our brand of schooling - such as Outdoor Education, Leadership and Service
  • Gaining immediate access to a network of compatible schools overseas for student exchanges
  • Opportunities for boys in Middle and Senior Schools to attend international conferences on issues related to internationalism, democracy, environmental education, outdoor education, student leadership and service
  • Expansion of opportunities for students to join overseas service projects - as individuals
  • Opportunities for staff to become overseas service Project Leaders
  • Creation of an International Alumni for networking beyond school for our students
  • Opportunities for Scotch to influence other member schools and take a leadership role in initiatives
  • Opportunities for Scotch as a Round Square member to lever the resources of the organisation on behalf of our partner schools in India, Cambodia, Tanzania and Indonesia
  • Adding to the professional international links already established which further consolidates our standing as an International School
  • Strengthens the position of Scotch with regard to a partnership with a new school (also Round Square) in China - due to open in 2014

While this is only the start of our Round Square journey, in years to come all students from Years 1-12 will benefit from our involvement in this worldwide association.

Some of our Year 12s are still involved in examinations so I ask you to keep them in your thoughts and prayers. We look forward to celebrating in their achievements.

Dr A J O'Connell