18 June 2018

Information Learning Technology

1:1 iPads for Years 1 to 4 in 2014

Once the boys have left for their summer holidays, the Scotch staff remain for Professional Learning. Junior School staff will be working with Jenny Jongste, an Apple Distinguished Educator, who will train the staff in the latest apps and how to use the iPads to support the boys with their learning.

Just a reminder that the iPads will be leased from the school next year, so some parents may need to let Santa know that an iPad won't need to be in your son's stocking this Christmas! All the boys in years 1 to 4 will receive their iPad in the first few weeks of school next year. It will feel like Christmas has come again to the Scotch Boys in Weeks 3 or 4 of Summer Term, 2014!

Amanda Ritchie

ILT Coach