18 June 2018

Head of Junior School

As we approach the end of the 2013 academic year I reflect on a wonderful first semester at Scotch College. Many outstanding events have brought the school community together and showcased many of the excellent attributes of our college and the boys. I want to thank my colleagues in the College for making me feel welcome and at home. I also want to thank the parents of our school for the support they have provided the Junior School and the wonderful things they do for the boys and the school. Last Wednesday we celebrated our annual Junior School Christmas lunch, an event that would not have been possible without the dedication of the Mothers' Auxiliary. The dinning hall looked amazing and the boys enjoyed a feast prepared by the catering staff and served by their mothers, and a visit by a special guest in a red suit.


At this time of year we say farewell to some colleagues. Mrs Andrea McNally leaves us after seven years of outstanding service to take the helm of the Junior School at St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls. I want to personally thank Mrs McNally for the support and guidance she has provided me in my in start at Scotch. She is an outstanding leader and a brilliant colleague and I will miss her sense of humour and professionalism. I also want to wish good luck to Mrs Anna Clancy who will begin her maternity leave at the end of the term. I wish her all the best with the new member of her growing family.

New Staff

In 2014 we will welcome new members of staff to our talented team. I am pleased to announce that Ms Penelope Hooper will join us as the new Deputy Head of Junior School for administration and pastoral care. Ms Hooper comes from the state system and has extensive experience as a deputy in primary and secondary schools. She is a talented teacher and an excellent school leader. Her skills will be an outstanding addition to our team. Mr Stuart Mann, Ms Rebecca Tapscott and Mrs Susan Phillips will be new teachers in our school in 2014. I am sure the College community will make all of our new members of staff feel welcome.

Head of Academic Support

The Junior School has been very fortunate to have had Mrs Merrie Cockerill in the position of Head of Academic Support for past 5 years. Whilst Mrs Cockerill will be remain working with the team she will be stepping down from the position at the conclusion of this academic year. Consequently, we are very pleased to announce that Mrs Janet Lopez has been appointed to oversee this essential department of our school. Mrs Lopez will manage the academic support program across the school and guide the support and extension programme in all year groups. Her outstanding abilities as a teacher will now benefit all our boys.

Below are the class teacher assignments for 2014.



Academic Support


Mrs Kristen Gray

Mrs Susan Phillips

Ms Kathy Derrick


Mrs Alison Webster

Ms Rebecca Tapscott

Mrs Merrie Cockrell


Mrs Rebecca Turkich

Ms Olivia Creagh

Mrs Fran Longhurst


Mr Stuart Mann

Mr Scott Dickson

Ms Penny Hooper


Mr Scott Whiston

Mr Jae Dornan

Mrs Janet Lopez

Semester Two Reports

Semester two reports will be sent home during the week of 9 December. The date has been put back in order to provide teachers with more time to complete units of inquiry prior to reporting on them. Teachers will be available via email to answer any queries parents may have regarding the reports.

2014 Meet the Teacher Evening

Meet the Teacher Evening for new parents is scheduled for Wednesday 5 February, beginning at 6:00pm in the MacKellar Hall. This will be followed by a session in your child's class to hear about expectations and procedures for the school year from the new class teachers. Following the class meeting, parents are invited to a supper in the Dining Hall.

I wish all families, boys and staff a wonderful Christmas and summer holiday. I look forward to the 2014 academic year and seeing the many refreshed faces as we begin what will be an exciting school year.

John Stewart

Head of Junior School