18 June 2018

1P News

A Wonderful Beginning

The Year One boys have had a wonderful start to the year. We have really bonded well and settled into the daily routines of the school. We have been busily exploring our Unit of Inquiry, 'Who We Are', where we have been looking at our friends, our family, and ourselves through stories, writing and artworks. The boys have drawn and water-coloured beautiful portraits of family, friends, and themselves.

We have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience two amazing events already. The first was within the first week, where we watched the Pipe Band and the Senior School Boys march, and fall out, right in front of us!

Our second was last Monday when we went on an excursion to the interactive installation, 'The House Where Winter Lives' at His Majesty's Theatre. The boys were taken on a magical journey through a snowy forest to find a key. The key was lost and another magical key was found, the key to your imagination!

Sue Phillips

Year 1 Teacher