21 May 2018

Performing Arts News

The Year 5's have commenced the year with gusto, diving head first into a drama unit that is integrated with their current unit of inquiry. This unit is based on a real event that occurred near the village of Nabune on the Noto Hanto Peninsula in Japan in 1576, where villagers outwitted armed samurai who were coming to attack them, without the use of weapons. How did they do it? The boys will find out - after they have developed their own characters (to suit the time and context) and devised their own plans in teams!

The boys have been engaged in a range of activities to get them thinking about what role they might like to take on and what skills each character might bring to the team. I have been very impressed with the boys who have, on their own accord, researched and shared knowledge about Japanese food, culture, customs, and the environment, allowing them to create more authentic characters. Here are a couple of photos from an activity where the boys were asked to create a still-frame image, focusing on facial expression, gesture and body language.

Phebe Samson

Performing Arts Teacher